10 Things That Every Grownup Should Do To Feel Young

Life is all about change and this means that an infant who is born grows into a child, then a teen, a young adult and there on to becoming a fully-grown up person. This is the way nature intended for people to grow up and go through the different stages of life and then to old age and death. While growing up is inevitable it also means that a person loses all that he or she had when they were a child. This could mean both good things as well as bad. A child is more fragile and tender, a quality that makes them vulnerable and when a person grows up, they tend to become stronger in this sense. A child’s understanding and reasoning is limited and this is another aspect that becomes better when a person grows up.

We are sure that there are many changes that are part of a person evolving from being a child to becoming an adult that are full of advantages. However, some of the major losses that people have when they move from childhood to adulthood is innocence, a sense of wonderment and enthusiasm that is part of childhood. This dims their enjoyment of many aspects of their life. That is why it is very important for grownups to retain some elements of their childhood in them so that they feel young at all times.

Here Are The Ten Things That Every Grownup Should Do To Continue Feeling Young:

Clap your hands with joy when you see something you like: As we grow, we often lose our joy at something that delights us like children do. If you want to keep feeling young and want to learn how to overcome negative thoughts and unclutter your mind, this is one technique that could work.

laughing aloud

Laugh aloud without inhibitions: As grownups we train ourselves to behave with decorum and this can be a good thing to happen in some situations. However, when you are in a group or atmosphere where you don’t need to pretend, then laugh aloud and without inhibitions like a child would.

Show your excitement when you see or get something you love: We love a lot of people but we tend to be careful about our excitement       when we come across our loved ones. One of the ways to be young and stay young, is by showing our excitement when we come across the things and people that we love.

Skip and run about: Yes, this can be an amazing thing to do when you need to get your blood going and to feel young. After all, this is what a kid would do and we tell you when you do it (within your capacity, without going overboard) it can be an uplifting experience that will make you feel young and energetic.

Throw a full-blown tantrum: When we start feeling angry about something we tend to keep our emotions bottled up and often feel tense about this. But a kid would never do that; they would throw a full-blown tantrum and get it out of their system. You can do that too as long as you do not do this with people who do not know you well or too often.

guy eating

Eat only when hungry and rest only when tired: Kids tend to eat only when their body tells them to eat and take rest only when they feel tired. This ensures that they have the right levels of energy and tend not to overdo things in most cases. You can also practice this to ensure that you feel and look young.

Move on when faced with a situation that hurts: The thing about resentment and hurt can be the wrong thing to hold on to but as adults, we tend to do precisely that. To avoid this and ensure this and to feel young, we need to borrow this attitude from the young and let us feel the hurt once and get over it by shaking the feeling off as kids do.

Play games with enthusiasm: We all play games but as we grow up, we tend to play the games with a blasé attitude but that is not the case with the young. They tend to play games with body and soul, which is something that you ought to do too, to feel young.

happy woman

Not care about what others think: When a kid is doing something or even giving into his or her feelings, they do not really think about what others think of them; they just do it. you can try this formula out once in a while, in order to feel young yourself.

Say what you feel without hiding it: No matter how hard you try to hide your feelings, there is a chance that they will show in one way or another. Even our body language and double meaning words that we use betray us. That is why we can borrow another page from what children do and say what we feel without hiding it especially in personal situations.

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