The Pressure Of Possibilities And How To Handle That

Have you ever felt that life is full of possibilities and this gives rise to expectations and while this can be exciting, it can also put a lot of pressure on you? It is true, many things in our lives that seem so good and full of possibilities can also be like a double edged sword, which means they have another side to them too. Each achievement in life is also followed with a feeling of what next along with the jubilation. This can create a pressure due to the possibilities of what next and how to go about it. That is what makes life tough on so many achievers, which is a fact that many of us are not aware of.

Yes, we are actually talking about the kind of pressure that actually having possibilities can have on us. The fact is, we sometimes that having no possibilities feels bad but the pressure of possibilities can also get to be too much occasionally. It is okay once in a while to take the divided approach – clear and free to handle this situation but it may not always work.

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Here Are Some More Techniques That Will Help You Handle Such Possibilities:

Take the time to relish what you have done: The first thing that you need to do to escape the immense pressure that possibilities can put on you is by taking the time to enjoy what you have achieved. Many a times we do not even take a pause to relish the victory that we have scored and simply move on to what needs to be done next. While this approach does have the merit of stopping you from becoming complacent, it also makes you a tad unappreciative of what has been achieved now. You will need to have a balance in this aspect. While this may seem simple enough to do, believe us when we tell you it is not but it can definitely be done.

Let the inner self dictate what to do: The world is huge and there are many possibilities out there waiting for us. We often are swayed by what others think are the possibilities for us. We tend to start comparing our lives with siblings, our peers, and our friends and find life lacking. In many cases, there is no comparison as each of us have a unique life and we are all different individuals and the possibilities for each of us individual. There is no need to take on the possibilities that others have and put pressure on yourself. Once you free yourself of the possibilities by proxy, you will find that life becomes easier.

Stop second-guessing what could have been: Another reason that possibilities put so much pressure on us is because we spend a lot of time second-guessing our choices. Once you start thinking about the possibilities of what could have been, then what you are essentially doing is opening yourself up for a world of pressure. This is something that we all do either due to our own thought processes or due to the influence of others. Whatever may be the source of the pressure, it is best to free yourself of this pressure and lighten the load. The many events that happen in life can be seen by us as an adventure or as a problem and this will only happen when you stop looking back at what you have done and rethink what could have been.

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Tell yourself all that matters is what you feel: This point is based on the last one, where you have to make a decision to not let everyone’s opinion matter to you. In fact, a wise step would be to determine whose opinion matters and only let them have an influence on your decisions. This has to be very close circle and in some cases, this circle of whose opinion matters should be restricted only to you. This way you will reduce the pressure of possibilities on yourself to a large extent.

Let go of things that cannot be changed: There are many things in life that you simply cannot change; all you can change in such situations is your own reaction. That is why when you feel the pressure of possibilities weighing down on your mind, the best thing to do is let things go. Soon your mind will feel lighter and you will be very clear on what to do and what to give up. Yes, letting go of some things is an important part of lessening the pressure of possibilities.

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We believe that each human being has the immense capacity to tap within them the potential for immense happiness and this could mean many changes. That is why we feel that we should start delighting in possibilities instead of being pressured by them.

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