Are You Lovesick? Find Out If You Are

When you sit down to think about it, you will find that in spite of so many differences and changes, human life follows a typical pattern. By this, we mean that every person who has reached adulthood would have gone through the infant phase, where you are mostly considered cute, the phase before teens where you are mostly considered awkward but still cute and then the teens where you are considered awkward and a bundle of hormones. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? What is more, the commonality in most people’s lives is falling in and out of love, having crushes and going through that painful thing called unrequited love. When you are a teenager, then unrequited love or one-sided love or undeclared love can make you lovesick.

When you look at it in retrospect, the whole process of being lovesick may seem absurd or even humorous to you, but the person who is going through the pain of being lovesick, this could seem like the end of the world. To ensure that you do not feel like this, the first thing to do is find out if you are lovesick and then work at making yourself feel better if you are lovesick.

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Here Are The Signs Of Lovesickness That You Have To Look Out For:

You have mood swings: When you feel that the person you are in love is not responding the way they should, then you will find yourself slipping into moodiness. One minute you will be euphoric and the next down in the dumps, which can be the first sign of being lovesick.

You like to be alone: Lovesick people normally shun the company of others and like to be isolated from others. You have to realize that enjoying your own company by being alone or liking to isolate yourself are two different things altogether.

You feel exhausted: Feeling listless and tired at all times can be another sign of being lovesick. The feeling of despair along with exhaustion is not a good combination.

You don’t feel like eating: Being on a controlled diet and watching what you eat is entirely different from losing your appetite. This could be one of the signs of lovesickness and needs to be addressed.

You cannot concentrate: When you are feeling lovesick, you will find that concentration on things and people around you is impossible. You will lose focus on even routine tasks and start feeling lost.

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You are obsessed: If you find yourself checking Facebook updates, texts, IMs, chats, and other forms of digital media on an obsessive basis for updates from a particular person, then you can conclude that you are indeed lovesick.

You are hoarding: You hold on to the most trivial and small things that the person whom you are in love with and refuse to even let others look at it, then there is a chance that you are lovesick.

You nitpick: You tend to go over every minor detail of the time spent with your beloved and examine each aspect to the point of nitpicking then you can conclude that you are lovesick.

You cry a lot: People who are lovesick tend to dissolve into tears at the slightest provocation, though there are also other reasons that people tend to cry a lot. So do examine this symptom in tandem with other factors.

You can’t sleep: Losing sleep over someone is something they say as this is what happens literally when you are lovesick. Watch out for insomnia when you are being lovesick.

Does this mean that there is no recourse to lovesickness? Not at all, here are some steps that you can take to get out of feeling lovesick:

Talk to the person you are in love with: Sometimes talking to the person you are in love with will help. This could happen in two ways; you could find out aspects of the person that will make you glad that you are not together or you could end up being friends. Either way, it is better than sitting around moping.

Learn to divert your mind: One of the ways to stop being lovesick is to divert your mind into something worthy so that you have other things to do. You can interact with nature to get many benefits like fresh vistas, good air, and knowledge about other living things among many other benefits.

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Start exercising: Exercise not only keeps you fit but can also help you become more positive due to the release of endorphins in your body. Another thing about exercise is that it also helps you in becoming more disciplined.

Go out with friends: Friends can be both diversion and a major support system and any sort of down feeling can be overcome by a bit of time spent with good friends.

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