The Secret To Happiness – Everyone Has Problems

Have you ever wondered what is the secret of happiness – some people seem to have it while others are simply spending a lot of time looking for it? They seem to glide through life looking good and smiling through everything that life throws at them. Well, they have found the secret to happiness – they have realized that everyone has problems and that the only thing that can set them apart is the way they deal with these.

Yes, that can be the root cause of the unhappiness or at least dissatisfaction for most people – the fact that others seem to have it all while they had so less. They look at other people’s lives from the outside, see only the side that is visible to them, and assume that their life is golden while their own life is not. However, you have to remember that an outsider’s view is always limited, we tend to color what we see with the hue of our own assumptions, and this can provide us with a skewed view.

Besides having simple easy steps to deal with stress, you also need a reality check as well as empathy to know that what you see from outside is not always the whole picture.


Here Is A Story That Will Tell You What We Mean:

The Secret To Happiness – Everyone Has Problems

Melissa was a golden teenager – she was blonde, had cornflower blue eyes, blessed with clear skin and had a body to die for – curvy and lissom. She was a good student too not to mention a cheerleader. In addition, when Wayne, the team captain asked her out to the prom, the whole school was agog with the news.  Melissa had it all – at least according to Lucy.

Lucy was not doing so badly herself but you would be hard-pressed to make her agree. She was smart, a brunette, with big brown eyes, a cute face, a nice sense of humor and an athletic body. Though her features were not as perfect as Melissa was and she was not quite as tall, Lucy was very attractive in her own way. While Lucy did not get as many boys asking her out on dates, there was no lack of admirers for her, though they tended to fall for her charm and personality rather than looks.

Lucy would often look on at Melissa with wistful eyes and wish she too had that golden glow that Melissa had. According to Lucy, Melissa had a golden life and the worst part is that she could not even bring herself to hate Melissa as she was a nice girl too. Though Melissa and Lucy hung out with different people, Melissa always made it a point to be nice to Lucy. She would compliment her on her outfits and laugh at her quips with genuine amusement and enjoyment.

boy and girl

Watching her in Wayne’s arms as the golden couple (at least according to Lucy and several other boys and girls) glided on the dance floor to some romantic music, Lucy could not help the twinge of envy that went through her. That is why it came as a shock to her when she found Melissa sobbing her heart out in the parking area half an hour later. At first Lucy wanted to give Melissa some privacy but she was also alarmed by the way Melissa was sobbing and thought it would be better to comfort her instead of leaving her alone.

Soon the whole story came spilling out – Melissa’s parents (who were very rich) were splitting because her mother had caught her father with another woman. That was not all, when Melissa talked about this to Wayne, he asked her to make the most of the situation and to ask her father to buy her a new car. She had gotten angry with him and they had argued when she refused to let him kiss her. Melissa had pushed him away and had run sobbing to the parking area.

Lucy stood there flabbergasted at the turn of events, here she was filled with envy for the life Melissa had only to discover that just being young, rich, pretty and popular did not guarantee happiness. As the thought struck her, Melissa said something that stunned her even more. After thanking Lucy for talking to her, Melissa turned to Lucy and told her that she, Melissa envied her. Lucy was so startled that she shrieked out asking why that was so.

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Melissa’s answer stunned her – she said Lucy was lovely and she need never bother to wonder if a guy was with her just for her looks because her personality sparkled too. Even guys who had girlfriends of their own, hung out with her because she made them laugh and always had something funny to say. What is more, she also had parents who seemed to adore even if they could not afford to give her too many things. On hearing this Lucy realized that the key to happiness is to realize that life is difficult and full of problems for everyone, so don’t waste time envying others. What is more, no matter how trivial the troubles that others face, they always seem big to the person who is facing them. That is why we need to enjoy what we have instead of letting the life others affect us.

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