Learn How To Be A Guest Everyone Would Love To Have Over

Just imagine this – you have just finished having lunch and cleared out the kitchen and you are looking forward to a nice nap. After all, it is the weekend and your family (husband, two kids and a dog) are settled in front of the television. The doorbell rings and when you open the door, you see your husband’s colleague and friend along with his wife and two daughters standing out there. You welcome them in with a strained smile and with a threatening look thrown in the direction of your husband.

Did he know about this? You wonder and seethe because now you have to give up your much-needed afternoon nap to entertain these people and probably feed them. This puts you in a bad mood and you hiss at your husband when he tries to hug you for being such a good sport and making snacks for them. You brood and sulk at the amount of cleaning up you have to do – there are dirty plates and glasses all over the place. The two kids have managed to make a mess of the bathroom and the kids’ den not to mention the snide remarks that your lady visitor had managed to get in when you served the kids some store bought snacks.

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Learn How To Be A Guest Everyone Would Love To Have Over

You are exhausted and hated having those people over and you wonder if everyone who has guests over feel the same way. do the people who you visit as a guest also feel this way? It is not a comfortable thought and you wonder what it takes to be a guest that everyone would love to have over.

Well, You Do Not Have To Wonder Any More, Here Are Some Tips On Being A Guest That Everyone Wants To Have Over:

Ask first and then visit: One of the golden rules for being a guest that everyone loves is to ask if it is convenient to visit before doing so. This way you know you are not interrupting anything and that your presence is something that everyone looks forward to. Make sure that you are not doing this as lip service but do it sincerely. If the people you are planning on visiting were someone who you know well, then you would already know what time is good to go visiting.

Take something with you: While most people will protest when you carry a gift of some sort, you need to do that. Ensure that whatever gift you carry whether it is food or wine or flowers or any other gift is appropriate for the people you are visiting.  The thing is no matter how much people protest, it is good to get something, and this will make them more amicable towards you. Learning how not to be a fussy guest should definitely be on the list of what to stop doing if want to be happy.

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Instruct your kids to behave: If you are visiting someone and you are taking your kids with you, you need to take the time out to talk to your kids about how they should behave. While you may adore everything that your kids do, some of the stuff they do may not be acceptable. To ensure that you and your kids are welcomed as guests, ensure that they are well behaved.

Help out around their house: When you visit someone or stay over at their place as a guest, you will be served some food and refreshments. This means that your host will have to make some arrangements for the food and drinks to be served. Make it a point to ask them if you can do anything to help and while many people are not comfortable with others in their kitchen while they cook, you can do other things to help like set the table, or carry stuff or help with the cleaning.

Refrain from judging people: There is a very good chance that the way they manage their home and lives may be different from the way you do it. However, this does not mean that you can be judgmental about these things. In fact, it would be nice if you found something nice to say about the way, things are and if you find it hard to do that, it is better to refrain from saying anything at all. You would definitely not want someone to visit you and enjoy your hospitality only to be judged for the way you do things.

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The thing is having guests over to one’s home can bring forth a mixed bag in terms of the way you feel about it. Most people like the thought of playing host and having others enjoy their hospitality and look forward to entertaining them in return for their company. However, you also need to ensure that you are a guest that everyone enjoys having over by following some of the hints given above.

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