Don’t Try To Make Someone Love You – It Is Impossible!

Is it even possible to make anyone fall in love with you? We believe that attracting someone or seducing them or making them like you is possible, but love that is entirely a different ball game. At least not the kind of genuine love that lasts. Well, when we talk of making someone fall in love here, you should know that we are talking about romantic love and not the kind of love one family member has for another or the intense love shared by friends. What is the difference, you ask. According to us the difference in romantic love and the other kind of love apart from the physical consummation is the commitment and connection. Though other forms of love also have commitments and connections, it is entirely different from the kind that comes from romantic love.

However, coming back to the point of whether it is possible to make someone fall in love with you or not, we believe it is not. Think again when you have a crush on a married man and find out how you can cope with it instead of getting stuck. We have found that telling you a story is the best way to put across our point of view.

Don’t Try To Make Someone Love You

Martha was a young woman poised on the brink of big things. She was young, pretty, well-qualified and set in a good job that offered good remuneration and growth opportunities. She should have been happy and satisfied, but she was not. The reason – unrequited love. She loved Pete, who was a man who was worth loving. He was handsome, caring and in a good job. Then what was the problem? Well, he was married, and that is not all, he was married to Rita, Martha’s elder sister!

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Need we say more? As time passed the whole family wondered about the lack of boyfriends and social life in Martha’s life. After all, it was not as if men did not find her attractive and ask her out. If anything, too many men were interested in asking Martha out.  The family had a discussion about this and nominated Rita to ask Martha what the matter was. After a lot of probing, the conclusion that Rita could draw was that Martha was in love and that too with a married man.

When the rest of the family came to know of this, they were concerned and counseled Martha to forget the married guy and move on in life. All this time, neither Rita nor Pete was aware that Martha was in love with Pete. However, Rita had an inkling about Martha’s feelings for Pete when Martha professed being tortured about thoughts of love for this guy because she had to encounter him and spend time with him. Once Rita had eliminated that the guy was someone from the office, she knew that the guy Martha professed to love had to be from the friends and family circle. Using the process of elimination, she soon came to the conclusion that the man that Martha was in love with had to be her own husband – Pete.

Rita was shocked but did not say anything, but she spent the next few days observing Pete as well as Martha. It soon became apparent that Pete had no idea of what was going on while Martha was trying her best to woo Pete.  Rita knew that it was best for her to keep quiet and not say anything. As luck would have it, Rita found herself falling sick frequently after the birth of her baby boy, Amos. Soon the whole family was reeling under the shock of discovering that Rita had stomach cancer and that too in the final stages.

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The whole family gathered around to support Rita and Pete in dealing with the situation and for taking care of Amos, who was only one-year-old. Martha would spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning, and babysitting while the rest of the family took turns relieving Pete from his hospital vigil. Only six months had passed before Rita succumbed to cancer, but before she died, she had told Pete about Martha’s feelings for him. Rita had told Pete that it would make her feel good to know that Pete had someone even after her death and that she felt Martha would really take good care of him and Amos.

Pete was unconvinced but nodded agreement because he wanted his wife to die in peace. Six months after Rita had died, Pete was at his wits end managing work, home, baby and the hospital bills that Rita’s death had left him with not to mention his grief at losing Rita. Martha was a big support to him during this time, and as things progressed, Pete found himself saying yes to Martha when she proposed that they get married.

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However, once they married Martha was to realize that though Pete liked her, found her attractive, and even valued her, he did not love her, at least not like he loved Rita. She realized that it was simply not possible to make someone love you; it has to happen.

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