How To Overcome Negative Thoughts: 10 Ways To Unclutter Your Mind

We all have negative thoughts at one point of our life or the other, but these tend to become harmful to you when your mind is cluttered by negative thoughts at all times. We know that life can be tough on most of us given the challenges we have to face on a daily basis and the stress of having to deal with many things over which we have no control at all.  While we cannot expect people to say positive at all times and not have a single negative thought, the other extreme can be really dangerous. That is why if you feel that negative thoughts are overwhelming your life, then it is time to look for solutions on how to overcome it.

The thing about negative thoughts is that they are so easy to gain so difficult to lose (just like those extra pounds). Having said that, this does not mean that you cannot overcome negative thoughts; it is just that it takes a bit of effort to do this and do this in such a way that it lasts.  Does this mean you plunge into meditation, positive reaffirmation, and thinking nice thoughts? Yes, that is going to be part of the process but only at a later stage.

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How To Overcome Negative Thoughts

Just imagine the mind as a container that is full of junk and garbage. If you are going to top off the junk with good stuff, do you think it is going to make the whole thing better? No, the first step logically, would be clear the clutter, which in this case is the negative thoughts and then fill the space with positive thoughts. Sounds easy enough right? However, doing this may require some effort on your part and you will have to be willing to keep at it until you get it right. What we are suggesting is more complicated than avoiding triggers for family and relationship issues

Here Is How You Get Started On The Process Of Uncluttering Your Mind Of Negative Steps In Ten Steps:

Examine your negative thoughts: The first step towards getting rid of negative thoughts could be avoidance but that is hard to come by and negative thoughts are hard to control. That is why it makes sense to go the opposite end and indulge in a good examination of what constitutes your negative thoughts.

Delve into what make it negative: The first step to overcome and overpower an enemy is by knowing more about them. And what is a negative thought if not an enemy to your positive frame of mind? That is why you need to delve deep to know why the negative thought affects you this way.

Take it apart and make it smaller: Once you have identified and studied the negative thought, then it is time to dissect it and see it with eyes that go over every minute detail. This way you can make it smaller and pinpoint what makes the negative thought so powerful.

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Imagine the worst: Once you have broken down a negative thought, it is time to take the bull by the horns and face up to what can go so bad that the negative thought will take over your mind..

Face up to the worst: The thing is sometime what we fear, the feeling that it generates is bigger than the actual occurrence, and that is why we need to face up to the worst that can happen. Doing this, will make it more manageable and tell you that while it can be bad, the reality is not as bad as your imagination.

Put it in a box metaphorically: Once you have gone through all the steps given above, it is time to put the negative thought away. You will find that after going through this process, putting the negative thought away comes easier.

Image throwing the box away: When you have some form of junk or garbage at home, the logical step is to throw it away. Since negative thoughts come under the heading of toxic waste, image locking away the negative thought in a box and throw it away. Every time you feel the thought cropping up, image throwing it away again.

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Keep smiling even if it is pretense: Doing all this may still not result in positivity but the thing to do at this stage is to pretend to be positive. Start by smiling even if it is artificial to such an extent that it soon becomes a habit. You will find that your pretend smile soon becomes reality.

Do something positive: Once the smile becomes part of your repertoire, it is time to advance to something positive. It could be something as simple as taking up an activity that you like or even taking a walk. This starts building up your store of positivity.

Start celebrating triumphs: After following all the steps given above, you will find that small triumphs start coming your way and you need to acknowledge and celebrate it in order to add to your increasing pile of positive thoughts and feelings.

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