10 Health Benefits Of Feeling Yourself Free

Have you ever felt bound by norms and expectations? We are sure that most of us feel that way at one point or the other of our life. This is because from the day we are born to the day we depart from this world, we are put under the scan for something or the other. As a child, it is all about having the right manners, being healthy and most important of all, being a good performer at school. That is not all; kids who are good at studies are pushed to become good at sports and vice versa. In addition, if you are one of those kids who is good at both, then often you will find yourself being pressurized to be socially adequate too.

One can only imagine the kind of pressures that teenagers feel, both from within and from the outside world. It does not help that they are on the cusp of adulthood with their body going through changes of all sorts but there are the hormones too that add to the confusion. What is more, teenagers are also under pressure to perform socially, educationally and also in sports. We all know that adulthood is something that only makes the pressures on you for various aspects even worse. Then is there no way to start feeling free? Well, the thing is that as children and young adults we have no control over our thought process at least not to the extent of being able to control your feelings. However, as you grow up, most of us have choices though we often choose to believe that it is not the case.

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As grownups who are financially independent and with the potential to be emotionally independent, we can if we choose, be free. What does being free actually mean? It means that you live your life your way (within acceptable limits) without giving in to the bonds of living up to other people’s expectations. By this what we mean most of feel bound to a lot of compulsions that are dictated by society that can start making us feel suppressed.

As adults most of us are expected to have the following:

A mate who is attractive and of good status.

A job that is on the rise.

An income that allows you to be comfortable.

After a while we are expected to marry and reproduce.

We are expected to live in affluence, own cars, homes etc.

Expectations that children should be brought up in a certain way.

Have a certain social life.

Be bound by some religious, social, and economic norms.

Health Benefits Of Feeling Yourself Free

If you are the sort that likes to stick to and achieve these norms and standards that are dictated here, then good for you. But most of us are not that fortunate in achieving all that is expected of us and in many cases, we do not even want to. In such instances, being forced to stick to these norms and expectations, would lead to a feeling that can be described as the opposite of freedom. Did you know that you could be free of these expectations and norms? Moreover, there are many health benefits of doing so?

If you are wondering what the health benefits of feeling free are, then these include the following:

Peace of mind: A person who is content within themselves and has a certain amount of peace is less likely to fall victim to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and heart trouble.

Enhanced immunity: You will find that people who feel they are free tend to be more immune to infections and sicknesses that  affect others.

Resilient: Even when people fall sick, the likelihood of quick recovery is more in people who feel free and enjoy that feeling.

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good night

Better sleep: Those who feel free also tend to enjoy a good night’s sleep and this can help in improving your health to a very large extent.

Glowing skin: That glowing skin is something that we all long for and when you let your mind be at peace and start feeling unburdened by other people’s expectations on you, then you will find that your skin reflects this feeling and glows from within.

Longevity: Since we are talking about a person who is relatively stress free, more active, with better immunity and a positive outlook, it only makes sense that such people also enjoy a longer life of good quality.

Better sex: They say that a good sex life makes you feel good but the reverse is also true that when you feel good you tend to enjoy a better sex life and this is what happens when you feel yourself free.

Less body image problems: Feeling yourself free will also ensure that you do not focus merely on your body image, as others perceive it but due to lesser body image issues, you tend to focus more on health than on the way you look.

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Decreased stress: There is no doubt that a free mind and countenance will bring your stress levels down.

Quicker reactions:  A mind that is not cluttered by what others want will definitely be more alert and quicker to react to anything that occurs.

After reading all this, we are sure you too want to learn how to forget the past and move on in life.

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