Introvert And Extrovert Relationship Results

Let us talk about Martha; she is a loud and generally, what would be called a noticeable person. She is on the bigger side with a loud voice, big hair, a whacky sense of humor and a loud laugh. When she comes into a room, the whole focus of the room shifts to her and people tend to gravitate towards her not just because of her looks but also due to her kind heart and generous nature. The problem that Martha would often face is that of the kind of guys that would be attracted to her.

They would generally be guys who were on the smaller side, with quiet personalities who had nothing much to say for themselves. In fact, anyone who saw these guys could easily say that they were the absolute opposite of the kind of personality that Martha had. Then what was the problem, you ask. The thing is Martha would ty to be nice to these guys but could not find herself attracted to them. What does this have to do with introvert and extrovert relationship results, you ask.

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Introvert And Extrovert Relationship Results

Well, if you have not guessed it till now, the guys who were interested in Martha were all the introverted types and she was the completely extrovert type. She was scared that she would end up falling for one of these guys and the fact that they were the opposite personalities would spell disaster all around. She was even more concerned because she was becoming interested in one of the guys, Joe. Joe was an accountant, who loved to listen to Martha talk for hours on end. If anybody could be described as having a diametrically opposite personality to Martha, then it would be Joe. Starting from his quiet clothes and simple hairstyle, Joe was the kind that you would not notice unless he wanted to be noticed.

Let us take at the dilemma that Martha was facing and give her some of the pros and cons of an introvert-extrovert relationship that would allow her to make the right decision:

Opposites attract: Okay, we know that this is a cliché but it has to be said because it happens to be true to a large extent. The fact that Joe the quiet one is pursuing Martha the loud one should make this obvious. And when you think about it, this does make sense, a person who talks a lot would adore someone who listens to them instead of trying to butt into the conversation. The same way a quiet person would love someone who would keep the conversation going when they have nothing to say for themselves.

Complementing the other: When you consider a relationship between an introvert and extrovert where they love, respect each other and the chemistry an introvert and extrovert is good, then it seems ideal. One’s need to be silent is complemented by the other’s need to talk. One’s reserve is complemented by the other’s easy ways with the people around. One’s many friends make up for the lack of the other’s limited friends when they throw a party together.

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Nothing in common: While we have talked about the pros of a relationship between an introvert and extrovert, now we will talk about some of the cons. The thing is there is likely to be very less in common when it comes to the kind of interests that an introvert and extrovert share. The extrovert may like activities that involves a lot of people around while the introvert would like some personal time that involves quieter activity. It is like the older woman younger man relationship where there are some good points but some that can make the relationship very difficult.

Dealing with the downs: An introvert personality is the kind who will withdraw more the harder you try to pull him or her out of the downs and this can be tough for the extrovert personality. That is because when people with an extroverted personality start feeling down, they tend to like having more people around them while the opposite is true for the introverted person. Both of them cannot understand the way the other deals with problems, which can cause friction between the two.

We have given above a couple of pros and a couple of cons that could happen in a relationship between an introvert and an extrovert. However, you should know that no relationship is without its ups and downs. What makes a relationship work is the love that the two people in the relationship have for each other, the trust they hold in the other and the respect they have for the person that he or she is.

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While an introvert- extrovert relationship can be extremely interesting one, the success of this relationship will depend on how well they learn to deal with their differences. In some cases, they love the person in spite of the differences and in some cases; they love the person for the differences. When it is the former, then there is a chance of some friction and if it is latter then there is a chance that it could work better but this is something that is entirely dependent on the two people in the relationship.

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