35 Amazing Chain Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Sometimes you will notice some people with chain tattoos. Although it is not so common but for sure it looks beautiful if done in a creative way. It is not considered as a mainstream tattoo and hence not a very common choice among people. But still there is a popularity of this tattoo design. It has been seen that chain tattoos are mainly done around the neck, ankles and wrists. It can be worn by both males and female irrespective of gender. One of the great advantages of chain tattoo is that you can add any emblem with it according to your wish to add some symbolic meanings.

35 Amazing Chain Tattoo Ideas and Meanings 1

When you come to the part of chain tattoo design, it allows you to be creative. In fact, you can do anything that suits your personality. It comes in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. Some chain tattoos can actually be stretched for a long distance. Again in some tattoos, the chains can be used to create various shapes. Chain tattoos are commonly worn as armbands, but it can be done anywhere over the body according to the size of the tattoo. There are varieties of different ways by which a chain tattoo can be portrayed. The most common perspective used in chain tattoos is using it as jewelry. For example, it can be used as wrist bracelets, necklace or an ankle bracelet. Again these tattoos are inked in gold, silver and copper so that it looks realistic. If you are too creative and want to think a bit offbeat then you can go with colors like pink or green. The tattoos portraying jewelry can also be portrayed in various ways. Cross chain tattoo is a very common choice which is actually a cross hanging from the tattoo in front. Some people again choose these tattoos to wear on the sides of the body. If it is done so the chain should be smaller and the cross should be big.

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In the case of women, the most common design for chain tattoos is using the tattoo as a bracelet. Women also have a lot of designs as they can be much creative with it by adding various different accessories. Many women also choose to add letters in the chain tattoo to dedicate the tattoo to somebody. They also add a variety of symbols with it such as diamonds, keys, stones, animal emblem and more. Basically before adding something you should depend on the consent of the tattoo artist.

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Normally, chain tattoos are regarded as a very simple design by the tattoo artists. But the fact is that you can add lot more things with it to make it complicated. Before making a chain tattoo, study over the internet about various designs and then if you get one of your wishes then it’s good. Otherwise, you should go to a tattoo artist to know about something that will suit you the best. Take your time and think of it.

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There are various meanings that you will get from chain tattoos. If you are making your tattoo for some symbolic meanings, then you should know about all the meanings it carries. Protection, Authority, Control, Power, Strength, Grounded, Unity, Prisoner, Freedom, Locked Down and Perseverance. Since now you are also getting a large variety of meanings associated with it probably you don’t have any problem or confusion to go with chain tattoos. At the end, your wish is the ultimate thing that is going to depend on. And as it a permanent tattoo you should think a lot before making it. Check out some of this amazing chain tattoo ideas below.

Amazing Chain Tattoo Ideas and Meanings:

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