Learn Why Having Healthy Family Relationships Is So Important

Paul looked at the company party and found himself increasingly agitated. There was his boss joking around with Kimberly’s husband even as one of the directors was cracking up with laughter over one of the jokes cracked by Sam’s sister. He was surprised at how isolated and left out he felt. It was the annual Christmas dinner that his company threw every year where they invited all the employees and encouraged them to bring along at least one family member. In spite of being the star performer of the sales team, Paul was stunned to see that not many of the top management of the company was talking to him.

They seemed to be too busy hobnobbing with the staff and their family members to pay much attention to him. “”Where had things gone wrong?” Paul asked himself. He was good at his job and was also a team player but the one thing that he tended to ignore was to have a good family life. He was recently divorced and his two kids stayed with his ex-wife. Though he had visitation rights, he rarely spent much time with his children. He did not keep in touch with his parents as they gave him a tough time about his divorce and the way he treated his children. He rarely spoke to his brother as he felt he was too laidback and boring. He felt that he did not have much in common with his married sister, who he thought was too domesticated and boring.

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However, as he looked at the scene in front of him, he could not help but feel that it would have been better if he had come this party with at least a member or two of his family. The nagging feeling stayed in his mind even as he left the party. He knew that it had been noted by the top brass that he did not have any of his family members who had come with him to the party, this would not affect his position in the firm. It was just that he felt as if he had let himself down at some level. What is more, he could not overcome the empty feeling inside him knowing that he had no family to spend the festive season with.

Paul prided himself on being ambitious and working hard to do all the things that successful people do to pull themselves up the rank of success. However, when he looked at the list of things that all successful people do, he knew that he had missed out on having healthy family relationships.

He Had To Learn Why Family Relationships Are So Important And Then Work On Building Some Up:

There is life beyond work: The first thing that Paul found out was that once work is over, all people need to go back to do something they liked and with people who cared for them. In order to have a balanced life, one has to have something to look forward to once one leaves work and this would happen only when you have a circle of friends and especially family to spend time with.

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Happiness multiplies when shared: No matter how happy you are, the joy is never felt more or intensely unless you share it with people who love you. This could be friends and family but the thing is that even friends have their own families and that is why you need to have your own family to share it with, which makes it better.

All of us need to belong: The thing that we as human beings often forget is that we are social beings and at the end of the day, we feel good only when we belong somewhere. The place and people we belong with is our family; they give you a sense of purpose, the support you, they encourage you and they even tease you so that you feel as if someone cares.

Giving and taking balances out: While Paul realizes that family is not all fun and laughter and that there are a lot of things that you need to do for them, but what you get in return more than makes up for it. When you give something to your family, what you get back in return multiplies in value than what you gave them in the first place.

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They help you perform better at work: Yes, finally the thing that Paul realized is that when he had a family of his own like his kids, then he would be more inclined to work harder to provide for them not only in terms of money but also in terms of his achievements. What is more, your parents and siblings also can be an important contributor to making you more of a complete person.

With all these points in mind, Paul decided that he would try genuinely to reconnect with his family and make things work for all of them.

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