Is It Normal To Live In A Fantasy World? Answer

Are you one of those people who has a better time in your imagination than you do in reality? Do you have a fantasy world all of your own? There may be people out there who may tell you that it is not normal or healthy to live in a fantasy world. When this sort of comment comes from a qualified psychologist or mental health specialist after you have told them all about your fantasy world, then there may be a point. But if you are one of those people who has a rich imagination that creates a fantasy world for yourself, then maybe it is not all bad. We definitely cannot claim to be qualified to make a clinical analysis of this, we feel that all of us have a fantasy world whether we admit it or not.

In many people, having a fantasy world is akin to wishful thinking. For most of us, the realities of life as we grow older can be really tough. As one grows older one tends to deal more and more with the realities of life and this can make you feel jaded and cynical. At such times having this small bit of escape where life is superb and the way you have always fantasized, could be a great relief. A fantasy world can be arranged as per your wishes, whims, fancies, and dreams. This is precisely why people have fantasy worlds, as this world has none of the flaws that real life seems to have.

Is It Normal To Live In A Fantasy World?

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Why is it then that people do not consider it normal to live in a fantasy world? It is because people who tend to live in a fantasy world tend to start losing their grip on reality and this is not at all a good thing to happen. That is why, it is important to qualify how much time you spend in your fantasy world to know whether it is normal or not. The thing is having a fantasy world is okay and even good for you as long as you don’t let it get to completely encompass your regular life. It is quite akin to when you learn how to maintain balance between work and family. In the same way you have to have limits on the way, the time and extent to which you live in a fantasy world.

Here Are Some Pointers To Help You Find The Balance:

Do not let go of your responsibilities: The first thing that happens when you spend too much time or live in a fantasy world is that you lose your grip over reality and stop fulfilling your responsibility. The thing is while having a fantasy world where things work out the way you fancy is good, it is also important that you stay practical and take care of things that you are responsible for. As long as you are not letting your fantasy world encroach on your world, it can act as a nice safety valve.

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Know that fantasies are just that: While having a fantasy world is great and can even be pretty entertaining like when you have a fantasy team of players for your favorite sport. However, if that is the extent of your fantasies, which is act as a means of escape and entertainment, then it makes it pretty good. You have to be mature and realize that fantasies are just that and there is a good chance that they will never come completely true. Even if a fantasy were to come true it may not make you feel the way you do in your imagination.

Learn to enjoy without letting it overpower: That is why the healthy thing to do is learn to enjoy your fantasy world for what it is and not let it overpower you. Some people are known to use their fantasy world to escape into when they are required to do a necessary but boring task or chore that does not require much thought on their part. It is a way of keeping your mind from getting bored even as you go about doing a mindless task that needs to be done. This way you can be normal and still enjoy living in a fantasy world if only for a while.

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If necessary talk to others: While we can talk about knowing what consists your real world and what belongs to the fantasy world, this may take some doing on your part to get it right. That is why, it is important that you talk to people around you about your fantasies and this does help in ensuring that you do stick to reality. Sometimes talking to a close friend who understands you (and will not mock) can help or if you feel you are losing control then you could talk to a professional mental health specialist.

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