30 Wise Quotes About Life And Love

Life can be a bit tricky as you grow up and as the landscape of your life becomes more complicated than it used to be. Not only are you supposed to grow up and become more responsible but you are also supposed to be wiser as you grow older, which is enough to intimidate anyone. After all, love and life are not for the weak or meek hearted and need a lot of qualities besides wisdom. What if we were to tell you that you can start working on the rest, and we will provide you some wise quotes to ponder on?

Here Are Some Impactful Sentences That Will Change Your Entire Life And Make You Feel Empowered To Deal With Life:

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Wise Quotes About Life And Love

When someone starts a sentence with “Don’t take this the wrong way” , both of us know you are going to!

If, in life your plans fail, then do not think that your planning is bad or that God wants you to fail, instead know that you are blessed because God is planning your life for you.

I have noticed that happy faces are the most irresistible to look at, that is why I feel that Happiness is the best makeup!

If you have the ability to see a good side to everything and enjoy it, then consider yourself blessed.

Violence is something people resort to when they are too weak to try anything else. Rather than seeing violence as the weapon of the strong, we should see it as a weapon of the weak.

People think that being adamant is a show of strength, when in fact the ability to compromise is the true sign of strength.

When you think about it your looks and talent are God given and you cannot take credit for those. The only thing that is entirely to your credit is your behavior!

If you expect life to be full of major triumphs, most of us are going to be disappointed. Watch out for the small but sweet triumphs that make us grin like idiots. These are the ones that matter

If you impose conditions for being happy, it is not going to happen. Being happy should not be subject to conditions.

Sometimes silence can be a bigger slap in the face than a direct attack!

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Sometimes saying sorry after the hurt is like trying to salvage a leaking vessel with paper strips.

If you are waiting for inspiration to hit you like a tidal wave, then you would be disappointed as that rarely happens. Most of the times it is like a slow trickle ending in a “duh” moment when you get the point, finally!

Sometimes when all the people around you are treating you badly, maybe it is time to see if something is wrong with you!

Never neglect to enjoy the little bits of joy and satisfaction that you have throughout the day; they could be a big portion of the happiness that you are entitled to in this life!

For those who say impossible is nothing… have you tried to feed a toddler when he/she wants to play?

Life is full of possibilities and pitfalls, but many confuse the two. Lucky are those who do not think but just walk through them all!

If you must hate, then hate discrimination, if you must shoot then shoot with the camera, if you must despise then despise narrow mindedness, if you must kick then kick off bad habits and you will find that all these negative qualities can do so much good.

If the inevitable end of life is death, then one wonders sometimes what the whole fuss is all about.

One of the toughest things to do is watch someone learn their life lessons; it is one of the things that have to learned by oneself, even if it is the hard way and cannot be taught!

If you come across a control freak and end up hating them do consider that they are like this because they are really scared!

Sometimes the truth is so hard to come by hidden as it is by enticing lies but that does not mean that you stop looking.

Change is something that is only the constant in our life and those who know, understand and accept this will always find life much easier to live!

Life is full of interesting anecdotes or it is full of troubles and pitfalls. It all depends on the way you think!

If we think of the person we are with as the right person, the moment we are in as the right one and the life as we are in as the right one…don’t you think things would be right?

Making a decision always seems to be much easier when you are faced with a crisis than during normal times. Have you ever wondered why that is so?

f you keep on looking for problems, you are likely to find them and if you keep looking for miracles, you will find them too. So decide what you want to keep looking for!

In life the most important thing that you should know is the what, why, when, who and how. Once you know this, you are set!

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Sometimes the best thing you can give people is space but often we try to crowd them albeit with good intentions!

Imagine this – If only we had a rewind button in life! It would be confusing but exhilarating!

Always rely on the first impression that you get of someone as this is more of an instinctive reaction than rely on what your brain rationalizes!

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