Triggers For Family And Relationship Issues

Families or relationships can be a landmine of issues and problems that come about as you navigate through the complex morass of ups and downs. The thing is we know that there could be many issues in a family or a relationship and the way these fare depends on how you deal with them and wise are those who try to stop the issue even before it is triggered off. To do this, you will need to know what triggers off issues in a relationship or in a family. Though the trigger for most issues will seem fairly obvious to you, you would be surprised how often people still fall into this trap.

Here are some of the most common triggers for family and relationship issues:

family argument

Money: One of the key issues that trigger a lot of issues either in a family or in a relationship is money and this could be either due to dearth of money or from having too much money. Yes, having too much money can also be a trigger for issues in either a relationship or in a family. The issues that lack of money causes can be fairly obvious, but many (especially those who do not have enough money) would wonder what issues having too much money can have. The thing is people with too much money make this their central focus and use money as a substitute for everything else like attention and affection causing problems in families and relationships.

Values: Values that are shared can bring people together and the lack of them can cause division. What is more people with different value systems can trigger many issues in both relationships and families. In case a spouse or the offspring or one of the partners in a relationship do not share the same values or disrespect the other’s values, this can cause a lot of issues. That is why, it is important to share values or at least respect each other’s values to avoid friction in relationships.

Work: When people live together as a family or when they are in a relationship, there is a lot of work that is generated from running a household. This work needs to be shared by all those at home or in the relationship or else this could also be the trigger for many issues. You would be surprised at how many people in a relationship break up because one of the partners did not do many household chores or how much friction is in a family due to the distribution of work.

Stress: The stress that one of the members of the family is going through or one of the participants in a relationship is going through, can really trigger a lot of mood swings, misunderstandings and tensions in the family or relationship. There is no doubt that the stress that one person is going through will spread to the others and soon everyone will be affected by it unless it is dealt with the right way.

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Substance abuse: Any substance abuse like alcohol or drugs in a family or relationship can be a trigger for issues of all sorts. This is something that needs to be dealt with firmly to ensure that the issue does not become too big and make things worse. It is vital for family life and the health of relationships that things like this are dealt with the right way.

Disloyalty: A relationship comes to a standstill when a partner in the relationship is disloyal to the other. Having an affair outside of the marriage can be an issue that can ring the death knell on the family or in a relationship. Other forms of disloyalty can also cause many issues in families and relationships. This could result in the breakup of the relationship and in case of families in divorce, separation and other attendant issues.

Disasters: Natural or other disasters like accidents have a huge impact on a relationship or on a family if any of the family members or partners in a relationship when it has touched upon their lives. You would be surprised at how many times when the death of a member or loss of some sort due to disasters leaves the whole family or relationship broken. In many cases, a disaster can bring people together but on the other hand, it can have the opposite effect.

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Changes: Changing a residence, changing a city or even changing a job can be the trigger that causes problems in relationships and families. This happens when the family or the partners in a relationship is not prepared for the change. You will need to learn how to be a good husband and father to be able to handle such problems when they occur in your family. In any situation it is human for people to react negatively towards any change and that is why you need a patient and kind approach to deal with this situation.

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