Father And Son Relationship; Keeping It Warm And Real

When it comes to relationships especially that of parent-child, the father and son relationship comes under a lot of heat. Somewhat like the mother and daughter, which also needs some help, the father and son relationship is also somewhat complex. You can always read and pick up some tips from articles on how to improve your mother daughter relationship, but you have to admit that there is a gender difference and this does affect the equation.

This will create new dynamics in the father and son relationship, with the first thing being the way they communicate with each other or rather do not. Men tend to be taciturn and tend to be rather silent especially when it comes to talking about the way they feel. Often this small thing can become a huge issue with fathers and sons never being as close as they are supposed to be. However, the saddest part is that this rift can create a certain missing element in the father as well as the sons’ lives and can permeate to the next generation.

father and son

The Way To Get Around This, Is By Adapting Some Of The Steps That We Have Given Below:

Recognize the influence the father has on the son: First things that a father needs to realize about his son or sons, is that whether the son admits it or not, he is going to be influenced by the father. This apart from other reasons is why fathers should show a noble and nice side to their son or sons so that they pick up the good aspects of their character. After all, we want our children to be good people, don’t we?

Start doing things together: While there is definitely a cold aspect to a father and son relationship, making efforts to dissolve this frost can be done. To that end, fathers and sons should make it a point to do some things that they like to do, together. This will allow them to bond on a different level and also communicate well.

Roughhouse a bit: Unlike daughters, sons love a bit of boisterous play around and this could be another activity that sons and fathers could bond over. This can involve something like a game or some kind of adventure sport. This is not to say that mothers and daughters cannot be part of it, but they may not want to participate.

Plan a huge project: As a son grows up, it would be a good idea for the father to plan out a big project, which would involve them working together. This way the father and son or sons could get a chance to communicate on a level they are more comfortable with rather than simply sit and talk, which most men do not like.

father talking to son

Make communication two ways: Another important tip for men and their sons can become closer for each of them to listen to what the other has to say. It could often happen that they do hear what the other has to say but do not really register it; that is why two way communication is so important.

Do tell your son about the facts of life: One of the most important parts of the life of a boy is when he is on the verge of manhood. This is the time that a father should step up and educate the son or sons about the facts of life. This gives each a good understanding about what the other is going through.

Keep the positive aspects in mind :  Often, sons and fathers do not get along with each other due to disappointment in each other. The father expects his son to do certain things in a certain way and sons want to do their own and thing hoping that the father would understand. That is why, fathers need to focus on the positive aspects of such  a situation and acknowledge it.

Grow together: The journey of a father and his sons would become better if the father and son took the time to grow together in terms of spirituality. You would be then surprised at how similar the son is to the father or vice versa.

father and son playing 2

The father and son relationship can indeed become a special and warm one, if the father left his own reservations and mind set to openly welcome the son as an individual. In the same way, the son or sons should also view the father and his approach with an open mind. Once these barriers are down, both the father and son will recognize a kindred spirit in the other. A good relationship within the family unit with fathers and mothers bonding with the children as a unit and individually will make a big difference to the family unit.

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