Life changing tips on how to stop being an Introvert: Must Read

Have you ever felt that life would be much better if only you had more to say for yourself? We are sure that most of us go through phases in life where we feel that being an introvert is not working for us. We want to change but we do not know just how to go about it. Actually, most introverts are the way they are because they feel shy and lack the confidence to make their opinion known. On the other hand, there are those introverts who like the way they are and for those who feel that way, lack of confidence is not an issue at all but being an introvert is more of a conscious choice.

This article is only going to focus on people who are introverts because they feel shy or lack the confidence to go out there and mingle. The bottom line of any given situation is that we need to be happy with the way we are and if being introverted is making you feel bad about the way things are then it is time to make the change.  You will however need to be really strong-willed and determined if you want  to break out of your shell and start mingling with people, but it is definitely possible to do so.

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Life changing tips on how to stop being an Introvert

First of all, be very clear in your mind about why you want to stop being an introvert or being considered an introvert. If you are, doing this because somebody told you that, it is the right thing to do then, it is not the thing to go for. Trying to transform you from being an introvert to being someone who is more of an extrovert is not an easy process.

The second aspect of this is that following the tips will help you become more of an extrovert but it is no guarantee that you will become the life of the party by doing that. Now that we have cautioned you about the way things are going to be, we give you the tips.

Get to the root of it: If you have been told that you are introvert or if you feel you are one and do not like being an introvert, then there should be a reason for it. This could be anything ranging from a habit that you have always had to something that you have always conscious about. It could either be just that you are conscious about the way you look (too fat, too thin, bad teeth, bad hair etc.) or some aspect of your personality like your voice or the way you walk among many other things. This part can be really tough to do as it will require brutal honesty and a lot of inward focus.

Correct the problem: Like overcoming interview blues, getting over what you perceive as your problem that hinders you from being an extrovert is not going to be tough. However, now that you know what the problem is, you can chart out a plan to achieve your goal and go about it with determination. Don’t expect it to work overnight as this will only lead to heartache and disappointment.

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Practice being an active listener: Introverts are already good listeners, as they love doing that when they meet someone interesting. However, there is something called active listening and something called passive listening and as an introvert, you will need to start actively listening. This means leaning towards the other person as they speak, nod your head and express the way you feel after listening to them.

Learn to ask questions: The thing is while introverts find it difficult to claw their way into a conversation and lead it, the one thing that they can do is ask a question. Asking questions about topics that people want to talk about will make them feel special and you will be able to use your active listening skills to make it seem like you are part of the conversation.

Maintain eye contact: Another important way to ensure that you are perceived as less of an introvert and more of an extrovert is by making active and meaningful eye contact with people around you. This is a surefire way of ensuring that people around you know that you are interested in them. What is more, eyes have a way of telling the story in a most eloquent way and this will work in your favor.

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Laugh more often: One of the main aspects that marks a person, as being an extrovert is to laugh more often. This way people know that you have been listening to what they have to say and that you appreciate their sense of humor. Laughing out loud will also make you feel as if you are part of the conversation and you will be surprised at how much more you talk when you feel that way.

Go for those small touches: Another mark of an extrovert is how they use body language to make people relate to them. This could be in the form of hugs, handshakes and backslapping but we know that it is not easy for an introvert to do. That is why you can go for the small touches like placing a hand on the arm or touching the person lightly on shoulder and other ways to connect.

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