Compass Tattoos: Know about the Ideas and Meanings

Yes, the compass can also be portrayed in a tattoo. Compass tattoos come in a variety of styles and variation and that is why we wrote the article for guiding you through the designs and styles. Compass tattoo has now become a very popular tattoo design but few years ago also it was not so widely accepted. Nowadays, you will find that compass tattoo is common to the people living around coastal regions all around the world. Like many other tattoo designs, compass tattoo also holds a lot of symbolic meanings and it can be worn irrespective of gender. It can be designed in various sizes, colors and styles.

Compass Tattoos Know about the Ideas and Meanings 1

You should know that compass tattoos are very popular from centuries and a common choice for many cultures and traditions. Compass is of different types and so the designs also can be made following that. Some of the most common are Nautical Compass, Star Compass, Rose Compass and Prismatic Compass. Compass is a very ancient maritime symbol of the sailors especially the Spanish sailors are said to make it popular. There are some evidence that the Celts and other various European cultures also used such designs.

Compass Tattoos Know about the Ideas and Meanings 2

At that time, the sailors used to make compass tattoos because they regarded it as a symbol of a safe journey. They mostly wore the star compass tattoo for this purpose. Not only that, they also used this symbol in their ships and vessels. At that time sea journeys were very dangerous and difficult. There were many such cases that the ships and vessels including all the sailors disappeared and are never found again. Altogether, the oceans were regarded as the scary and deadly place. So to remove these things from the mind, the compass was believed as a good luck symbol for any sailor. The main reason behind its popularity is the superstitions.

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Even compass tattoo can also represent the North Star. Before the compass was invented, the north star was the only directional symbol of the sailors and even a guide to reach the destination. Afterwards, compass tattoos became very popular among the military officials and soldiers. It was believed by them as the symbol of protection and security. And more of all these things, it was the only symbol of guidance. People nowadays also make compass tattoos for these above three reasons. In most cases, the north direction is normally mentioned as ‘N’ only in the tattoo as it is the most important direction.

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Some people like to merge compass with other tattoo designs. You know very well that time and direction are interrelated with each other. That’s why compass tattoos are very often it is merged with an hourglass, clock or a watch. But compass tattoos are also seen with flowers and ribbons. Some people love to portray compass on maps and earth as background. Gain some people makes the design with a star in it. The anchor is also a common symbol used in compass tattoos. But it is sure indeed that you will get a lot of scopes to get creative with compass tattoos.

Compass Tattoos Know about the Ideas and Meanings 5

You got all the ideas here in this article and now it is up to you how you will design your own tattoo. Here below you will get a set of pictures carrying different types of compass tattoos which help you to design your own. The compass tattoo can go with any type of human being, but it depends on the mentality of the user and his portrayal thinking. It is, of course, a unique tattoo design but with time it has now become less demanding due to the emergence of various other tattoo designs.

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