How To Fix Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend?: Must Read

Imagine this scenario – Susan, a pleasant young lady with a great body and cute face comes back home. She is really excited about the way her presentation has gone and is sure that she is on the line to get the promotion that she always wanted. She rushes home to share the good news with her boyfriend Mike. She uses her own key to open the main door of the flat and rushes in with a lot of excitement. She calls out his name even before taking off his coat and scarf.

There is Mike sitting on the balcony with a bottle of beer in hand, staring out at nothing. He hears Susan coming in and is aware that she is calling out to him. But this young man with unconventional good looks and brooding eyes is lost in his own thoughts and doesn’t want to respond. Susan opens the balcony door and spots him and her eyes light up. She is dying to tell him about her triumph at work. She hugs him tight and tells him all about how well her presentation went and looks at him expectantly. Mike tries his best to smile, pats her on the back, and tells her that he is happy for her.

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How To Fix Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

However, Susan can sense that Mike is not as happy as she expected him to be. In fact, the longer she looks at him the angrier she gets and she starts berating him. Soon he starts retaliating and what should have been a celebration becomes a full-blown fight. Instead of going out for a long romantic dinner and a private celebration, they end up going to bed in separate beds on a hungry stomach.

The next morning, both of them face each other in the kitchen waiting for the other apologize. As both of them feel that the other is at fault, they skulk around the kitchen cold-shouldering the other. Mike is resentful because Susan was so full of her own news that she never noticed that he was looking down. Surely, she did not think that he resented her success, did she? It is just that Mike had just that day had a bit of bad news about his grandmother’s illness and he was feeling really bad about that. Susan was really upset because she felt that Mike was not as appreciative about her work and achievements as he should have been.

Both of them went off to their own offices in a bad mood and soon things became so bad that the couple who had plans of getting married started considering a breakup. However, they were lucky that they had a mutual friend, Jane who helped them work things out and helped Susan learn how to fix relationship with her boyfriend:

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Communication works both ways: The first thing that she told Susan was that she could not expect that she would do that talking all the time and Mike would do the listening. It is important that she take the time to listen to what Mike had to say. In fact, if she felt that it was needed, she should take the time to ask Mike about what was wrong and listen what he had to say.

Work is important then so are relationships: Jane took the time to tell her that Susan would have to learn how to maintain a balance between work and her family (which, in essence Mike was to her). While it was her right to enjoy the fruits of her labor, she should also focus on Mike and his feelings. It only makes sense that Susan should have talked to Mike about what was bothering him.

Not take things for granted: It is obvious in this story that Susan was used to a certain amount of attention and importance from Mike but she did take this for granted. If you want to fix your relationship with your boyfriend, then you need to ensure that you do not take things for granted. Since Mike obviously going through a difficult time and did not want to intrude on Susan’s work out of consideration, Susan should have asked him about what was troubling him.

Acknowledge that it could be your fault: When relationships go wrong, then both sides start blaming the other. In this case, both Mike and Susan were at fault with the fault skewed more towards Susan, though Mike was guilty of hiding things from her.

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Some other ways to fix a relationship with your boyfriend is to give him small but thoughtful surprises for him to find. This could be in the form of cute love notes left at the most unexpected places. Romance him in the way he likes; it is not just girls that enjoy being treated in a special manner. Do something that is just for him and include all the things that he likes. The list is endless and once you make up your mind to fix your relationship with your boyfriend when both of you are in love with each, you will find no lack of ideas.

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