How writing love letters Can Improve Your Relationship

Think back to that lovely and indefinable feeling you had way back in grade school when you received the clumsy and heartfelt love note. While we are sure that many youngsters today may not know what a love letter means in the old-fashioned sense, we are sure that most of us are aware of declarations of love. For a minute, imagine this scenario – it has been a long and boring day. You have not had much to do and you have no plans for the day. As the day drags along, you start to feel a bit down. You have just broken up with a boyfriend and are feeling particularly unloved and unwanted.

You go through the stages of despair followed by anger and soon this spurs you on to some action. You start going through your closets in a bid to get rid of stuff that reminds you of the love that you have just lost. You start pulling things at random from your wardrobe when you come across this bundle at the back of your closet. You look at this bundle of papers tied up with a ribbon and open it without a thought in your mind. Then as you start reading the paper in your hand, you realize that you are reading a love letter. More specifically a love letter one of your first boyfriends wrote to you. As you read, the words jump out at you. Soon you are immersed in the words that are there on the paper.

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As you read the words, you start smiling and soon you are grinning like an idiot. The more you read, the more you find the words in the letter utterly fascinating. Soon you are reaching for another letter and keep reading on. Even before you realize it, your mood is lifted and you are soon feeling genuinely happy. After a while, you are over the feelings of despair and starting to feel good about yourself.

All this, because of a few corny emotions on a piece of paper, you ask? While we are not saying that love letters can act as a panacea for heartbreak, you have to admit that it will make you feel good when you read them.

You may be surprised to know this but writing love letters is not only good for your mood in retrospect but they are also very good for your relationship.

Here Are Some Reasons Why:

It clears the mind: When we are in an intense relationship, it is very easy to get confused and bewildered. So much so that often people forget to express their feelings in a clear manner. However, when you sit down to write down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, it clears your mind. You will see that soon your feelings for your partner will become clear and you will be able to express yourself better. You will also find that you will understand yourself better once you start writing down your feelings. The thing is love letters create a record of the way you feel in a clear and honest manner and will tell you how to speak your mind without hurting others, in case it is warranted.

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It increases appreciation: Picking up a piece of paper and pen and writing down what you feel and taking the time to make yourself clear takes a lot of effort not to mention time. When you do something as special as telling the person you love about the way you feel for her or him, then they will start to appreciate you even more. They will definitely appreciate the thought and effort and it can go a long way to making the relationship better. In addition, we all have to admit that it is flattering to receive an admiring and loving missive from someone. In addition, when that someone is a person with whom you are in love then it is even more touching.

It creates memories: As you may have seen in the beginning of this article, having a love letter from someone you love or have loved in the past can be a pleasant part of your memories. One of the best things that life offers is the lovely memories that you hold on to and having love letters from the people who have loved you or love and those whom you love or have loved comes under the category.

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The thing is love letters may be a thing of the past but like many things that are from the past and are considered old fashioned has a lot to offer. In fact, in many instances you will find that having the additional touch of writing love letters to each other can bring people closer and heat up the romance to a much higher level.

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