How To Deal With An Over Possessive Girlfriend; Life Changing Tips

Life is good when you have a girlfriend who you adore. There is no doubt about that but once a guy reaches this stage, you may find that he tends to crib about certain aspects of having a girlfriend. This is because most girls are possessive and most guys while they enjoy this feeling in the beginning of a relationship start feeling stifled soon. Once a girl realizes that her boyfriend does not like her being so possessive, she will tend to get worse because she feels that he is not considerate of her feelings.

You can see where we are going with this; it can become a vicious cycle with her getting clingier and the boyfriend trying to get away from her clutches. Does this mean that there is no solution of this situation? Does it mean that boys are destined to be without a girlfriend or that girls cannot keep a boyfriend happy? Not at all, all you need to do is learn how to deal with an over possessive girlfriend from these life changing tips.

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First of all learn to identify the difference between possessive and over-possessive – the thing is most of us whether a guy or girl can be possessive to a certain is only when this feeling of possessiveness crosses a certain limit does it become irksome. Here are some tips that will help you evaluate whether your girlfriend is over possessive:

How To Deal With An Over Possessive Girlfriend

She hates all your friends: When a girlfriend becomes possessive of you she starts resenting anyone, no matter what the gender with whom you like to spend time with. She resents the fact that you find happiness in company other than herself.

She insists that she needs to know where you are at all times: An overly possessive girlfriend will feel insecure every moment that you are away from her. To overcome this feeling, she will try and find out what you are up to any minute of the day.

She is suspicious of any woman or girl in your life: She does not like you to have a fondness for any woman or girl other than her no matter what role she plays in your role. So much so that she will be suspicious of every woman that you interact with.

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She insists on keeping tabs on you virtually as well as offline: Since the whole world spends a lot of time online, she will make it a point to stalk you online too. This means that she will keep an eye on all your online profiles too apart from tracking you offline.

Does she resort to emotional blackmail for every small thing? The thing about overly possessive girlfriends is that their insecurity does not stop here and soon you will be subjected to emotional blackmail about every issue- big or small.

We are sure that the points we have given above would have clarified the differences between a possessive girlfriend versus an overly possessive one. However, does this mean a death knell for your relationship?

Now that you know what traits to watch out for, here are some tips on dealing with an overly possessive girlfriend:

Talk to her about space: There is the need for personal space in a relationship and it is important that both of you understand that. Talk to your girlfriend about why you think that each of you needs personal space and how it does not mean that you are sick of each other. It just means that you care about her enough and trust her to give her space to grow and that she should do the same.

Tell her what you feel: One of the reasons for a girlfriend to get too possessive is because she is not sure of her place in your life. Lack of proper communication about the way you feel about her and the relationship could be one of the reasons for things going bad. Telling her what you feel very honestly will ensure that she knows where she stands.

Ensure that you don’t cause jealousy: While it is normal for people from both genders to have friends from both genders, it is also possible that you are the inadvertent cause of her jealousy. To ensure that you are not the cause of her possessiveness, take a closer look at the way you behave with your female friends. What may seem natural to you and your friend may be at the root of her possessiveness.

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Give her a taste of her own medicine: Sometimes being open, communicative, and correct with your girlfriend may not make things better. In such cases, you would be better off demonstrating to her the way she is making you feel. In such cases, you will need to play the over possessive boyfriend just to show her how it feels to be on the receiving end.

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