Overcoming Interview Blues – Find Out How

There are many situations in our life where we have to face an interview and we face such situations with a lot of apprehensions. The whole process of having to face a panel of people or even one individual who will ask you questions to determine whether you get admission or a job or some such thing. The very thought of having to face an interview has many of us back off from doing something that we wanted to do. After all, who wants to feel inadequate, nervous and confused? However, don’t you think that your fear of facing an interview could be a roadblock to many opportunities in life?

What if we were to tell you that there are some techniques to overcome interview blues and face one with absolute confidence? Actually, when you come to think of it, facing an interview is all about preparing for it the right way.

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We give below a breakup of the steps you need to follow to overcome interview blues:

Start with the right preparation: One of the best ways to face an interview with confidence is to prepare well for it. if you are going for an interview for admission to a college or some educational institution, then the first thing that you need to do is read up about the college in question. Do some research to find out about the alumni to get a clue about past students and also read up on the faculty so that you are well prepared. Once you are done with the general information, start preparing for the specific subject that you are seeking admission for. In the same way if you are preparing for a job interview, then read up about the company. If possible, try to find out some information about the leading employees of the company via various social media sites. Then start preparing specifically for the job you are applying for. This way you know what the culture of the company is and what is expected of you on the job. This is the first step to being prepared for the job interview.

Dress, groom and look good: There is an old saying that states that to feel good you should look good and this philosophy applies to this situation. You need to pick out smart clothes that fit well as appropriate for the job you are applying for. Ensure that your teeth, hair, nails and skin look as good as possible. If needed suck on a couple of breath mints so that you feel confident about your breath. Ensure that you are using a good deodorant so that you smell good. Try on the outfit that you are planning to wear to the interview beforehand so that you can be sure that it is not uncomfortable. Pick out your accessories with care so that they go well with your outfit and are comfortable to handle.

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Carry out some relaxation techniques: When it comes to relaxation techniques, each of us have a different way of doing it. Some of us find diversion the best way to go about it while others believe that preparing until the last minute is the best way to relax. In any case, some of the common relaxation techniques like taking calming and slow deep breaths is one way to go. Envisaging some relaxation natural scenes is also another way to go. You can also include imaging some success scenarios where you get the admission to the college of your choice or that dream job that you wanted is something that will help you. The more positively you reinforce this image in your head, the more confident you will feel and this is what will lead you to a confident attitude. These are some simple easy ways to deal with stress that will always stand by you in every situation.

Apart from these preparations, it is also important to remember that an interview is a situation that will have some physical aspects like waiting around for a long period of time, that will require you to be patient. It is always good to envisage sitting around for a long period of time and learning to control the urge to fidget, drink too much water or having the inclination to go to the bathroom so that you are prepared for this situation.

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What is more, when you are preparing for an interview, it is also important to find out the exact location of the building in which it is going to take place. This way you can be sure that you are aware of the time that it will take to reach the destination. It is always advisable to leave with plenty of time to spare to provide for unforeseen circumstances. This way you can be sure that you are at the place of the interview on time.

We have given you some simple tips that will definitely help you overcome interview blues.

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