Why Honesty Is The Best Policy – Read On To Know About It

We have heard clichés and often we tend to ignore them because, well they are clichés after all and they have nothing new to say. Have you ever stopped to think why a cliché becomes a cliché? A saying becomes a cliché when it is oft repeated and a saying is oft repeated when it happens to have a kernel of truth in it. Thereby while using clichéd phrases in your writing or talking is not all that great, there is no justification in ignoring one as it does have the virtue of being the truth on its side.

When it comes to clichés, one of the most used ones is about honesty being the best policy. Have you ever thought about it or have you faced a situation where you had to choose between honesty and hiding the truth? If you have, then you know that while telling the truth (when it is unpleasant) is not an easy option, it definitely is the simpler option. By that what we mean is that often when we tell the truth, we are faced with some unpleasant reactions but those are only for a while.

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However if you decide to go with a lie, then while you may enjoy some respite for a while, the long-term implications are never pleasant. That is because the truth has a way of coming out and when it does it takes your lie and makes it look bigger than the original sin you are trying to hide in the first place. What is more trying to hide the truth with a lie is not just about that one lie; it leads to numerous other lies as well as other complications.

We are sure you are able to grasp the gist of what we are talking about, but just to ensure that you understand the complete ramifications of honesty being the best policy, we give below a story that will show you what we mean.

Lucy was married in to a conservative family where meeting men socially outside of work without the company of her husband was considered unacceptable. Her husband Jack was a simple man who completely trusted her but was sometimes prone to being swayed by his parents. Everything was going fine with their life until one day; Lucy was requested by her boss Hugh, to accompany him to purchase a ring for his fiancée.  Lucy was very tempted to refuse but since the person requesting her to go out was her boss, who was also a good friend, she decided to go along with it.

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However, instead of telling her husband Jack, the truth, she called her husband and informed him that she would be late coming home as she had an urgent meeting to attend. She then went out with Hugh and they had a nice time looking at rings and picking out one, after which Hugh insisted that she have dinner with him. As they entered the restaurant to eat their dinner, Lucy spotted her husband’s cousin Violet walking in with her husband. She was instantly worried and requested Hugh to pretend that this was a work related dinner when she introduced him to Violet. Hugh was a bit puzzled but agreed to do so.

This is where the chain of dishonesty had started and soon the whole thing had gathered momentum with many incidents cascading to make things worse. Soon Violet was telling her uncle and aunt (Lucy’s in-laws) about how handsome and charming Lucy’s boss was, telling them about spotting Lucy having dinner with him.

Lucy was forced to lie once again when her in-laws along with her husband attended Hugh’s wedding. As Hugh had already told Isobel about Lucy having helped him pick out the ring, Isobel made it a point to thank Lucy when she along with her husband and in-laws stepped up to congratulate the newlyweds. Since Lucy had lied to Jack and his parents, they looked really confused. But soon they started thinking about it and the conclusion they reached that there was something off about the whole thing. Soon things became so tense at home, that Jack started suspecting Lucy of carrying on with her boss.  Lucy started to wish she knew what to stop doing if you want to be happy so that the whole issue would be closed.

As you can see, this simple incident where Lucy had chosen to veer off from the path of honesty led to a lot of confusion and suspicions. Let us look at what happened and where things went wrong:

She could have taken Jack into her confidence: Yes, it is true that Jack and his parents did not like her meeting men socially, but if she had put the truth across to them and explained things it would have smoothed things.

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She should have not involved her boss in the matter: One lie usually leads to another and thereon it becomes a vicious cycle that ends up unraveling at one point or another.

The simple matter here is that though telling the truth in the beginning would have gotten some negative reactions from her husband and in-laws, it would have not created any further problems. Honesty is always the best policy! Do you agree?

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