Personal Space In A Relationship – Find Out Why It Is Important

When it comes to relationships of any kind, there is a certain amount of effort that goes into making it work. One of the main things that we often find people talking about when it comes to relationships is the need for personal space. Some people find this need for personal space a bit peculiar when they know about it. This is because they feel that a relationship essentially means that the two or more people involved in it will become closer, the more time they spend with each other. They are not wrong but when it comes to spending time together, the condition for this to work is for both the parties wanting to spend the time with each other and not about one forcing the other to do so.

In many cases, you will find a relationship, especially romantic ones, do not do as well though the couple seems to want to spend time with each other, and does so. This may puzzle not only the couple but also those around them. However, have you ever thought of this from another angle; do you really think that two individuals, neither of whom is comfortable with their own self, will be happy together?

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Personal Space In A Relationship

When you leave aside emotions and think about this, you will realize that it makes sense that only people who are happy, secure, and complete in themselves can become part of a healthy relationship. While many people talk about the need for personal space in a relationship, they do not realize how to go about having this space.

Here Are Some Simple Hacks That Will Work For Most People:

Be particular about not changing yourself for the other person: Do not get us wrong; we are not talking about the changes that we go through when we are in a relationship but about the changes that you are obligated to go through due to the other person nagging you. Let us clear another thing up; it is not about giving up bad habits or developing healthy habits but about the changes in your personality that you are forced to make. You should read about the healthy habits for a strong couple relationship, to know more about this.

Do ensure that each of you have solo activities planned out for yourselves: A happy relationship is one where one person does not cling on to the other or when one person feels closed in and responsible for keeping the other person entertained and occupied. This means that each of you in the relationship should have some activities that they love to do on their own. This way there is no forcing, guilt or boredom in the relationship.

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Talk and be together because you want to not because you have to: Many people stay in a relationship and put up with some mean aspects of the person (though these hurt) just so that they won’t be lonely. A good relationship is when two people are in a relationship because they want to spend time together and enjoy talking to each other. If this is not the case, you are not giving each the personal space that you need.

Celebrate your time together instead of putting up with it: You know there is a lot of personal space in your relationship when you enjoy and feel that each time you are together feels like a celebration. You don’t feel obligated to sparkle all the time or put up a façade but still feel that each of you is happy with each other. That is what indicates that you are in a healthy relationship that has the right amount of personal space.

One of the main reasons there is a need for personal space in a relationship is due to the fact that both the individuals as well as the duo needs to grow. For this to happen, both of them have to be comfortable in their own skin and feel good about themselves. This ensures that when people who enjoy and respect their personal space get together, they enjoy not only the fun times but work through the tougher times together.

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Not only are partners in the true sense of the word, but in spirit too. Each of persons involved in the relationship, is happy as an individual and their being with each other is only to going to create a synergy of their happiness, which as you know is greater than their happiness multiplied by two. The best part is that in relationships where there is personal space, there is also much joy and peace to be had in silences as well. There is no pressure to be on your best behavior or to behave in such a way that is not natural to them.

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