Learn About Color Psychology And How Certain Colors Can Make You Happy

Have you ever felt upbeat on some day without any rhyme or reason? On the other hand, have you felt your dark mood becoming dark when you are wearing a dull color? The thing is whether we realize it or not, colors do have an effect in psyche and that is why so much importance is given to colors when decorating themes and schemes are being discussed. In fact, if you have already not done so, it is time you started looking at colors in a different way when it comes to using for your attire and decoration.

Most people especially when it comes to people who are fashion conscious or related to the fashion industry think of color in terms of which colors are suitable for which season this year. On the other hand they may also think of colors in terms of suitability based on the tone and coloring of the person wearing that particular color. You may not know this but the right use of color in your life will allow you to harness the inner you to get ahead in life. For that to happen, you need to know how colors work and how they have an effect on your mood.

Here Is A General Guide To Help You Decipher The Color Code You Need To Follow To Reach Where You Want To Be:

Color Psychology And How Certain Colors Can Make You Happy

Black: Almost considered a non-color this is a color that is supposed to be a culmination of all colors. Black is a color of seriousness, power, and mysteries. People also link it with death, sex, and depression. The color black thereby needs to be used with caution as this color when used in excess in certain ways, can pull your mood down.

blue sky

Blue: This color, in its different manifestations denote the color of water, the skies or some other parts of nature. There is a certain feeling of calm and relaxation when it comes to blue. This color can be used to bring down the feeling of pressure, increase the feeling of security and to reduce appetite.

Brown: Since this is a color that is associated with soil and the earth, this color can make you feel dull but grounded. For certain occasion and purposes, this color is the color of warmth and coziness.

Green: There is something so vibrant and prosperous about this color and makes it soothing on the eye even if you stare at it for a long time. It can help alleviate pain and can be linked to a feeling positivity. The use of green brings about a feeling of cleanliness, freshness, and happiness.

Orange: This vibrant mix of yellow and red is the color of brightness and can leave you feeling uplifted when used in the right context. The thing about orange is that though it is positive color, it is not necessarily a calming color.

pink dress 2

Pink: Considered the epitome of all that is feminine, it is a soft and sensitive color that can feel the wearer uplifted and if you are using pink for decoration, then you need to be careful in the color combinations that you use.

Purple: This is essentially a rich color combining red and blue and is often linked to royalty. The color purple is something that needs to be used cleverly to result in positive outcomes or else it could turn the mood to a down one.

Red: This is one of the colors that is linked to energy, blood and other things vital. The wearer of this color feels good and the person looking at it feels a bit elevated. Though sometimes red in too much proportion can make your blood pressure go up and can make you restless.

White: Along with black this is also considered a non-color. This color is sometimes linked to emptiness or in some circumstances considered pure and flawless. In some cultures white is linked to death and mourning and in some, it is linked to purity and serenity.

sunflower field

Yellow: This is a nice and bright color depending on the shade of yellow that you use and is often associated with sunlight. But extended use of yellow can make you feel angry and hostile. However, cautionary use of yellow can lead to uplifting your mood and making you feel good.

As you can see, colors can have a definite impact on the way you feel when you wear them or when you use them for decorating your surroundings. The thing is that when you use colors for attire, the rules will change based on your coloring, skin tone and the occasion you are dressing for as well as the purpose for which you are getting dressed.

When it comes to the use of color for decoration purposes, then one needs to consider color combinations around the place, maintenance and also how it will go with the personalities and moods of the people living at home or working in the office.

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