Overcoming Resistance To Change – Find Out How

Life is all about change and still we find it difficult to cope with it. Have you ever wondered why there is so much resistance to change and why it is one of the most difficult things for people to accept? When you come to think about it, life is all about change from the time we are born as tiny infants, move on to becoming cute and adorable toddlers, then to young children, tweens, teens, twenties, thirties, and so on. In each of these stages of our life, we also have to go through many changes not only in appearance and activities but also in terms of personality and responsibilities. Each stage of our life is also the cause for major changes and sometimes, even major upheavals.

Even as our logical mind tends to accept this, it is our emotional side that refuses to accept change. Not only do we not accept changes but we actively resist change even though as time passes, it becomes clear to us that resisting change is futile. However, the reason we feel that most people resist change is due to the fact that it is not entirely in their control and this is one of the things that make us rebellious against change and the acceptance of it. What if we tell you that accepting resistance to change can be made easy?

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Here Are Some Steps To Follow To Overcome Resistance To Change:

Don’t run away: The first thing that you have to do to accept change as an inevitable part of life is to stop and look at it objectively. To ensure this, you need to stop running away from change. If for instance, you are getting married and you see this as a major change, then you have to start thinking of it objectively. The first thing to realize is that this change is something that you have always wanted.

Go ahead and embrace it: Now that you have stopped running from change, the next logical step is to turn around and start embracing it.  We can explain this better with an example, say you are going through a job change or a house change, then make it a point to look at the positives from this and start anticipating those rather than the changes that you have to make.

Look forward to change: Getting over changes and going with changes is a big obstacle that once you remove from your path, you can actually pro-actively make the changes yourself instead of letting it happen. For example, one of the changes that you can make it tandem with the growing age is to make your lifestyle healthier.

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Do it gracefully: While you have now stopped resisting change and actively started embracing, it also makes sense to do this gracefully. By this we mean that you need not go ballistic and extreme every time you spot a gray hair or reach out for the botox when you spot a wrinkle. In fact, adapting to these changes with a gentle smile or with some humor is the way to go about it. Sometimes certain changes are a bit more painful than the changes that time brings about, but accepting these gracefully will only make you stand out. Nobody ever said it is easy to do these things but it can be done.

Start enjoying change: Another way to look at the whole process of change and managing it is by treating it like an adventure instead of fighting it every step of the way. What this will do is make you a more positive and enthusiastic person to be around and soon people will flock to you for ways to help them manage change. This however, could be something that will only come with a complete change in the way you look at life.

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The thing about change is that whether you accept or resist it, it remains the only constant in our lives. Have you ever thought of it that way? Once you do, you know there is a certain order and logic to the role that change plays in your life and it is not always bad. In fact, not accepting change would mean that you are still clinging on and living in the past. While this does not sound as dire, you have to realize that not letting the past go means that you are not making the most of your present and nor are you preparing for the future. You need to know how to forget the past move on in life or there is a good chance that you stagnate in life and do not make much progress.

The thing about life is that it keeps changing around you regardless of whether you are in sync with it or not. That is why it makes life so interesting.

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