How To Be A Good Husband And Father? The Secret Deciphered For You

The thing about the life of a man is that he goes through several roles in a lifetime and these roles are what define him as a person. Having said that, we can also tell you that there is no manual for a man to follow in as far as the way he is supposed to be in each of the roles that he plays. When a man is young, that is when he is a boy, and then the roles are simpler and more defined. Being a good son, a good brother, and a good friend when you are younger is simply a matter of following what you are asked to do and in some cases, doing what seems like fun.

Why the role of a husband and a father becomes more important in the life of a man is because it comes with a lot of responsibilities. This means in such situations, the man in question is not only responsible for himself but also for his family. The worst part of this situation is that it does not come with specific instructions and this means it is more of a reactive thing than a proactive thing. In most cases, men tend to ape their own parents as a role model for their behavior as fathers and husbands. While this is not an entirely bad thing to do but considering that, times are changing, there needs to be a change in the approach to these roles too.

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How To Be A Good Husband And Father

The fact is the role of a husband today is different from the role of a husband of the past. The role of a husband in the past was in most cases of being a provider and protector as most women stayed at home and looked after the family as opposed to working outside the home.  Nevertheless, today that is not the case, most women hold down a job outside as well as managing a home. That is why, the role of a husband expands, and he has to help out in home-related tasks. Not doing this, could make things worse for both the partners and when you think about it, it makes absolute sense.

What is marriage if not a partnership? Thereby when a woman can earn, why can’t a man pitch in with household chores?

The role of a husband today is more like that of a friend, companion, partner and confidante rather than just the provider and protector. The extent to which you have to play these roles will depend on your personality and that of your partner as well as the way you connect with each other.

When it comes to being a good father, the role becomes a bit more complex as you are dealing with impressionable young lives. The thing to remember is that children have very good intuition and would be able to recognize true love when they see it. The thing is that no matter what you do, it is important that you be genuine in whatever you do. There is no need for perfection but you need to be committed completely. This may sound very easy as you read this, but practice will prove that being a father while immensely rewarding is one role that needs you to have a balance.

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While No Single Article Or Single Person Can Claim To Be An Expert On Being A Good Father, We Give Here Some Tips On Being A Good Father:

Be gentle but firm: This is a balance that each parent has to have or else you will have your kids taking advantage of you as they can sense a soft touch when they come across one. However, kids are small and delicate, which is why you need to gentle with them but at the same time you have to set limits for them or else they will take advantage of you.

Love also means discipline: By discipline, not only mean having and setting a disciplined plan for your children but also about being disciplined yourself. The best way to ensure that kids have a systematic life and follow some discipline is by imposing those rules on theme that you follow yourself. Being a father would mean that you along with your partner present a united front to your kids. It also means that you have to be prepared to go through all duties of being a father no matter how tired or grumpy you feel.

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Being a parent is a lifetime commitment: From the day you become a father, the most defining role in your life becomes that of being a father. This means no matter what you are doing, you will have to think about it from the point of view of being a father. There is no getting around the fact, that becoming a father changes everything and you will soon find that you learn to balance calculative versus speculative risks and taking things slow.

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