35 Gun Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Do you love guns or have a fascination towards gun? Then it’s a good way to go with gun tattoos. Gun tattoos are very popular presently. It is mostly preferred by the people associated with guns like policemen, armies, hunters and general public those who use guns for various another purpose. You can design a gun tattoo with any type of gun may be small or big in size, but each and every design looks creative in that sense. Gun tattoos can be portrayed in various forms like artistic, realistic and animated form. So there are almost endless variations you can make with gun tattoos.

35 Sizzling Gun Tattoo Ideas 1

Pistols, the handiest gun type is actually the most common model preferred for tattoo designs. Pistols are normally very small in size so it fits in almost any part of the body. 9 mm and Colt revolvers are most preferred for tattoo designs. Rifles, machine guns, shotguns are also used in gun tattoos but normally they are preferred by the armies. Rifle tattoos are the most common in US Armies and Navy. Any part of the body can be chosen for a gun tattoo and also by both men and women.

35 Sizzling Gun Tattoo Ideas 2

Guns are always a weapon of criticism even from its invention. So in a case of tattoos, the fact is also same. Some people think that gun tattoos are associated with violence and evils. In some sort it is true, but it doesn’t always means that making a gun tattoo engages a wearer into violence. Many people wear it for symbolic purposes. Normally gun tattoos are common in men but day by day the girls are also getting attracted towards gun tattoos. Women make these gun tattoos with a variety of creativity and symbols. Even males are also making the gun tattoos with a lot of creativity nowadays.

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If you are wanting to know the meanings of gun tattoos, you should that there are various types of meanings expressed by the gun tattoo designs. Some people think that gun tattoos are associated with negative views again some people think that gun tattoos can carry various positive meanings also. Here are some common meanings of gun tattoos.










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Actually, both the genders make gun tattoos for various reasons. Some make it for personal reasons and some make it for a symbolic meaning. Again it is also seen that some people wear it for they like the design very much. All over gun tattoos look very attractive when done in an artistic way and by an experienced tattoo artist. In most cases, gun tattoos are done in black, silver, gray and other various attractive colors. Actually, the choice of colors depends on the wearer himself and the tattoo artist. Since guns are of different styles, the tattoos also vary in size and can be done in various parts of the body depending in the size of the tattoo. But the most common locations are arms, sides, back, and legs. Another popular location is on two sides of the stomach for both men and women.

35 Sizzling Gun Tattoo Ideas 5

Before taking the final decision, you should spend some time in thinking and researching about the gun tattoos and its designs. You should have a clear idea about the symbol and its meanings and representation. So it’s better to take some time in taking the final decision. After reading this article now, you have got a basic knowledge about gun tattoos and design ideas. So now look at the collection below to get some really sizzling designs and ideas about gun tattoos.

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