50 Funny Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Having a boyfriend is a fun phase in your life, which is full of fun and is meant to be enjoyed to the maximum. Not only does having a boyfriend mean having a lot of romance and fun thrown in, it also means it is the right time to have a secret language all your own. When you are in a relationship, then you are prone to looking at things like the real and true love test calculator to know how compatible you two are as a couple. You may have noticed the way couples tend to communicate with each other through meaningful glances and code words.

Now it is your time to start doing all that and appear like one solid unit instead of two different people to the outside world. This is something that people who have never been part of a couple would find difficult to understand, but you have to know this is one of the aspects of being in a relationship. One of the elements in this special circle of intimacy is having a funny nickname for your boyfriend.

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Often we will come up with a nickname that is based on the circumstances around which you met your boyfriend and what his friends call him. Another way to go is to come up with a nickname that is based on the things he likes to do in general or with you specifically. However, if you and your friends find it difficult to think up funny nicknames, then you can look at the list given below and pick out one that you think fits best or even modify it so that it fits.

Some ground rules for when and how to use funny nicknames to call your boyfriend:

While it can help the relationship move to the next level of intimacy and closeness, the use of private nicknames can also have another side. For instance, you have a really funny and cute nickname for your partner, but he finds it uncomfortable when others know about it. Or what seems private and intimate between you two becomes the subject of ridicule when others hear it.

Relationships are tricky enough without adding the pressure of being mocked or criticized to it.

Here you go:

  • Come up with something that both of you like: A cute or funny nickname no doubt is one of the ways to strengthen your special bond. But when you are doing so, it is best that both of you like the name you come up with. There is nothing worse than having your boyfriend getting annoyed every time you call him by his special name. On the other hand, you may not want to go with something that he suggests because that is not what you want. Which is why it is best that you both agree what works.
  • Tell him why you are calling him that: Men like to know what their girlfriends like about them. It gives their ego a big boost knowing the reason why you feel the need to come up with a special name for him. And your reward for telling him about it would be the loving way he will behave every time you call by his special nickname.
  • Be cognizant of your surroundings when using it: Sometimes a man has to show to his friends that he is not one of those overly sentimental men in love. It is okay for you to indulge his need to be like that and refrain from calling him cutesy names in front of his friends. And in any case, your special name for him is supposed to be between both of you for those special moments. We feel that it would be good to be aware of who is around you when you call him by his special name.
  • Don’t share it with your girlfriends: A man feels good when his girlfriend talks him up with her friends especially the girls, but he also feels a bit conscious about every detail being discussed. You have to reassure him that you did not mention his special nickname to your girlfriends and in reality refrain from sharing it with them in any case.
  • Ensure that you do not use something that you used for exes: The matter of ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends is always a sticky one. If you are going to have a special nickname for your boyfriend, then make sure it is unique and definitely not one you used for your ex. Even if they have never met, the truth has a way of coming out, and you need to be smart about such things.

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Funny Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

While have a cute name for your boyfriend that expresses what you feel is all well and good, do consider that it also has to be a bit macho. Of course, when it comes to a funny nickname for your boyfriend, it need not be strictly grammatical so that is one consideration that you can keep out of your mind when you pick one. What is more, it is not unheard of to pick out terms and words from a foreign language to come up with a cute nickname for your boyfriend.

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With the list that we have given below, not only will you come up with creative nicknames for your boyfriend, you will soon have other friends seeking your help in coming up with a nickname for their own boyfriend.

Here Is A List That You Will Find Very Useful:

Stud muffin

Honey bunkins

Darling dumbells

Muscle sweetie

Macho martin

Happy hugs

Kiss face

Cuddly boo

Hunny pops

Hansome mansome

Kewtie poo




Hug maestro


Hottie on wheels

Pec master





Prince darling

Hug bear





Hot hairy

Princey love

Soul pal


Game master

Sugah man

Sunny boo

Twinkle eyes

Smuggle bum



H man

Love massa

Gnum gnum

Pookie poo

Honey bubu


Twinkle arms





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