How To Forget The Past And Move On In Life

There is a saying that tells us that the past is already gone and we do not know what the days to come will bring, which is why you need to focus on the present.  Having said that, the past has a hold on us that is pretty firm and while this is not completely bad, it is not good either to live so much in the past. In many cases, the problem with clinging on to the past is not associated with the lessons learnt from it but with things that have gone wrong or that we regret. This can never be a good thing and can in fact, be a big impediment in moving on with life. It is very important in life to be able to live in the present.

Here Are Some Reasons Or Arguments That Will Prove To You How Important It Is To Forget The Past And Move On In Life:

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Improving relationships: One of the main casualties of clinging on to the past and not moving to the present is that of relationships. This can be made clearer with an example: Lucy was a nice girl who was in a very serious relationship in the past. Post her breakup, she met and married another very nice young man. However, Lucy was constantly haunted with her past relationship and this resulted in her not fully opening up to her husband Pete. Though Pete loved Lucy with all his heart, he soon started to feel that she was not as involved in the relationship as he was. Soon things came to a standoff when Lucy realized that Pete was starting to get too attached to one of his colleagues and was on the verge of having an affair. When Lucy and Pete decided to go for counselling in a bid to save their relationship, Lucy realized that she was too ingrained in the past and that was part of the reason for the decline in their relationship.

Not having regrets: One of other fallouts of being too embroiled in the past is that you tend to become very bitter due to all the regrets you have for the things you did wrong in the past. Once again an example will make things clearer: Mary had been a naughty and difficult child to her parents. She had been into drugs, promiscuity and cutting classes as she was growing up. Her parents had held her hand and helped her through this period ensuring that she finished her education and started a career. However, her past behavior haunted her and she became too reserved in her dealings with the family due to the regrets she had. Only when she was in an accident did she realize that her parents never held her past against her and only wanted the best for her. She realized that she had almost ruined her relationship with them by holding on to regrets.

Giving it your all: When you are unable to let go of your past, you will realize that you will not be able to invest yourself fully in your present life. This would mean that you would not only be letting yourself and others around you down but also not enjoying life to the fullest. There is a feeling of being incomplete and bitterness when you are unable to let go of the past and move on in life. Life is for living to the fullest and you need to stop existing and start living.

While we have explained some of the main reasons, why it is important to let go of the past and move on to the present, here are the steps that you need to take to forget about the past:

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Learn the lesson and let go of the regret: The one thing that you have to realize that the past can offer you only lessons, which is the only thing you should take away from it. While we all talk about letting go of the regret, it is easier said than done. But we have given you a few more steps to follow to let go of the past.

Look at what you have and try to keep it: Another thing that will make it easy to let go of the past is by looking at what you would lose by not doing so. This will help you hold on to the present and let go of the past. You have to remember that you do not have any control over what happened in the past but the present can be changed if you want to really do it.

Establish a process for letting go: One of the things that you have to keep in mind is to setup a process that is almost ceremonious that marks the process of letting go and religiously following it when you feel the need to let go.

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Know and accept that nobody’s life is perfect: A very important fact that will help you is to remember that nobody has the perfect life and that everyone has their problems to deal with.

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