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Have you ever felt the weight of things left unsaid putting a burden on you? Have you ever felt that your shoulders are actually sagging because you have been lugging the weight of secrets around? There is a good possibility that this has happened to you or even happening to you as you read this. Life is difficult enough to live sometimes without having the burden of the wrong deeds (supposedly) we have done weighing us down. In fact the more we carry the burden of our past in our minds, the more fatigued we become as we forge ahead.

What is more, sometimes the past becomes so dominating and forceful, it can actually keep us back from moving on in our lives. It makes no sense to let the past have such a hold on your life, as it is not something that we can go back and correct things. That is why, confession is such a big part of many religions and it offers people a way of unburdening themselves. Here is a story that will tell you why confessions are so important.

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Why Are Confessions Important?

This is the story of a child who did a few things he was asked not to do and ended up feeling guilty about it for a long time. Joseph was a normal eight year old boy, rambunctious and full of energy. He loved his life, his parents, his baby sister and woke up daily with a spring to his step in anticipation of what the day would bring. He was prone to a lot of trouble like all little boys are supposed to be. his parents would keep on reprimanding him though they were never harsh in their punishment since they believed that little boys should get into some mischief and as long as he was not hurting himself or others, it was okay.

One day Robert, Joseph’s father came back home with a few papers in hand. On reaching home, he called Sally his wife, told her to keep them in, as they were very important papers, and were required for a meeting the next day. The next morning as Robert was having his cup of coffee after his breakfast, he asked Sally to bring the papers to the table, as he would soon be leaving. At that point Joseph came in carrying a water gun. On seeing him, Robert told Joseph to restrain from shooting the water gun near the table.

But Joseph being the naughty little guy that he was could not help but take a couple of squirts in spite of being expressly told not to and inevitable happened. A few squirts of water fell on the papers and Robert exploded with temper. He could barely restrain from lashing out at Joseph and as he left for office, Joseph could see that his father was really upset.

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Joseph continued playing with his toys until he heard the phone ring and as he heard his mother answer, he tensed at the change in the tone of her voice. He was stunned to see that his mother was crying. He rushed to her and she told him with a choked voice that Robert had had an accident and had been taken to the hospital. All three of them, Sally, Joseph and his baby sister Annie rushed to the hospital and on the way Joseph could not help but think that he was to blame for the accident. If he had not upset his father before office by spilling water on the papers, the accident would not happen.

He was on the verge of tears when he saw his father lying helpless on the hospital bed. Thankfully the accident was not too severe and soon Robert was back home resuming his daily activities. But as days passed, Sally and Robert noticed that Joseph had changed; no longer was he the confident and cheerful child he used to be. He seemed scared and rather diffident in his approach to most activities. Though both Sally and Robert were good parents who were the type to want to prepare your children to face life, they found this situation beyond their help.

One day, they had a hint of what was going on in Joseph’s mind when he told one of his friends not to play with anything until his parents said it was okay or else it would result in an accident. That day Sally sat down and made Joseph tell her what was bothering him. Out came the confession, Joseph cried and said that he was responsible for Robert’s accident. If he had not squirted water on the papers, his father would not have had the accident.

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Once Sally got to know what Joseph, it was easy enough to show him he was wrong. She sought the help of the doctors and policemen who had helped Robert during the accident to convince Joseph that what happened was not his fault.

You can see that confession is important and here are some reasons why:

Confessions can help clear misunderstandings

Confessing makes you feel lighter

Confessions help you move on in life

Confessions can remove feelings of guilt and remorse

Confessions are a cleansing ritual that lighten the heart

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