Virgo Female Personality Traits: With Facts

The epitome of everything female, striving for perfection, fussy to the point of being finicky, neat, clean, a born worrier and very practical – these are just some of the ways to describe a Virgo female.

If you have a Virgo woman in your life, you know exactly what we mean. Let us tell you a story of how Jacob discovered all about the Virgo female personality traits.

It all started when he saw the vision in white walking towards him across the exhibition grounds. The girl that he was looking at looked so pristine, pure and pretty. It was only after a few friends joined her that he realized that he had a chance at getting to know the girl he found so intriguing as he knew some of them. He was introduced to Susan by their mutual friends. He did not know it yet but Susan was born under the sun sign of Virgo. He liked the shy air of reserve that was around here. Yes, Virgo females come across as shy and reticent when you first meet them.

Virgo Female Personality Traits

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But he was soon to discover that beneath that shy and pristine exterior lurked a strong will. It was when a very unruly family was going about throwing trash around the exhibition grounds after having eaten the snacks that they purchased. Susan rushed into action and took the family to task. Soon she had the kids picking up the cardboard boxes they had strewn about and the parents supervising the cleanup. Only when she was satisfied that everything was clean and as it should be did she let the family move on but not before she made it clear to them that littering was not at all appropriate. Jacob was astounded to see that Susan did not even have to raise her voice to make her opinion known. She was polite but firm and put across her point in a logical and clear manner.

Jacob could not help but be impressed with the way she dealt with the whole matter. Not only did Susan not have to resort to a loud voice or taken on a strident tone to put her point across. In fact, she was so impressive that Jacob could see other people clearing up their own trash after having finished eating.

From the above incidents, you can make out that Virgo females love cleanliness and orderliness around them. You would also realize that to ensure orderliness, they will go about setting things right in a quiet way. Virgo females are known to have an amazing strength of will.

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As the day progressed, Jacob was also impressed at the way Susan went about organizing the day and made sure that finances were dealt with correctly. She asked all the people in the group to pool in money when they wanted to enjoy the various rides in a group and let people pay for their own snacks and beverages when they felt the need to buy something for themselves. You would have guessed by now that Virgo females are good in dealing with practical aspects of life like money. Virgo is an earth sign and this means that Virgo women in spite of all their reserve and being shy are very practical about things like money.

It soon became apparent to Jacob that if he wanted to be around Susan, he would have to put up with her critical nature. Susan seemed to be very firm in her opinions and she did not mince her words when she had to tell someone about what she felt the other person was lacking. In one short day, Jacob could see that though Susan was a forthright and honest person, she was also pretty sensitive.

In fact, he got a glimpse of her sensitivity and strength when one of their mutual friends broke down due to some personal crisis that she was dealing with. She seemed to know when to strike the balance between being supportive and being firm. The whole outing and chance meeting with Susan had become a significant event in Jacob’s life.

The next day, Jacob spent a lot of time talking to mutual friends about this lovely and very feminine girl who seemed to have almost glided gracefully into his life. The more he thought about the day he spent with Susan, the more impressed he was. It was only later on that he discovered that her sun sign was Virgo. Jacob recollected all that he had read about the personality traits of Virgo females, the more she seemed to fit the description he had read about.

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He was looking for the ideal partner, and felt this was the one. Though he was definitely interested in having Susan in his life, he would have approached the whole thing with caution if he wanted the things to work out. We wish both of them all the best.

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