Love Or Arranged Marriage Prediction Calculator (Logical)

How do you predict whether a marriage will be successful or not? It is something that we all wish we could do so that we know about the outcome even when we enter into it so that we can be sure of what will happen. In some instances, you will find that even if the prediction of the outcome of the marriage is negative, we are still prepared to go ahead and even want to work towards ensuring that things don’t go downhill. The fact is many couples today are confused whether to go for an arranged marriage or love marriage. There are many theories about both and often confusing points of view.

While we cannot truly say that we can help you calculate the prediction of whether an arranged marriage will work out better or whether a love marriage will work out better, but we will try to decipher things.


Love Or Arranged Marriage Prediction Calculator

Here Is How We Are Going To Go About The Various Aspects Of Love Or Arranged Marriage Prediction Calculator:

Familiarity: A marriage in most cases, is entered into by both the parties with the expectation that it will last forever. While this is the ideal we hope for, the sad reality is not quite the same. That is why, there are so many debates about love marriages versus arranged marriages. The one thing that we can say about love marriages is that the couple has had time to become familiar with each other while this may not be the case with arranged marriages. However, is familiarity really an advantage? It again depends on the couple and how mature they are. In some cases, familiarity can lead to boredom or worse contempt. In arranged marriages, the couple are in most cases not familiar with each other, which could be taken as an advantage or as a problem depending on the couple in question.

Compatibility: The prediction that couples are more compatible in love marriages is something that people expect, but reality could be entirely different. In many love marriages, the couple in question may have spent a few euphoric hours together and this could result in them thinking that they are compatible. However, marriage goes beyond that and has many harsh realities and having high expectation on compatibility by the couple in question could result in disappointment. The case with arranged marriages is that the couple in question are definitely taking a risk by committing to each other without realizing whether they are compatible or not. They can however, mitigate the risk by checking up on each other’s’ family.

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Thought process: In this instance, we can definitely say that couples in love marriages score higher than those who go for arranged marriages. In most cases, couples going for a love marriage have known each other and spent time with each other enough to understand the thought process of the other person, but only if the couple has gone beyond the mere superficial. In arranged marriages, this is something that does not happen and the couple will not have much idea of the other’s thought processes.

Value systems: In this point, the possibility of arranged marriages scoring higher is more. This is because in arranged marriage, the families are involved and they make this decision based on practical considerations like shared values, style of living and other factors. This is not the cases with love marriages as most couples enter into the relationship based more on mutual attraction and friendship than shared value systems.

Expectations: Writing about this can be a bit tricky as this is a matter that depends on a person’s personality and choices etc., but based on observations we can say that expectations are more in love marriages than in arranged marriages. The problem with expectations is that it can result in disappointment in many cases especially when not based in reality. The thing is expanded expectations can lead to major disappointment and this is a malady that love marriage could face more than arranged marriages. This is not because couples in arranged marriages are more mature but because they do not know enough about each other to have expectations.

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Family support: This is one factor that also leans more towards arranged marriages as the whole concept of arranged marriage is based around support from parents. In love marriages there is an equal chance of the family supporting the couple as that of opposing them. However, in arranged marriages, the family is the one that arranges the marriage in the first place and thereby more likely to be supportive of the relationship.

After having read through all this, we are sure you are wondering what is conclusion. However, we are sorry but the conclusion is not as easy the simple formula for well-being; look good to feel good but more complex than that. Simply put the prediction calculator of the success of love marriage versus arranged marriage can be done only when we know more about the couple in question.

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