Harness The Inner You To Get Ahead In Life

Is it true that most humans only use part of their brain’s capacity? Is it true that the human brain is like chip of a computer that has the capacity to store memories, skills and talents from past lives, which can be retrieved at will?

We don’t know if these theories are true or not. The fact is that there is so much about the human brain that is still not known, but the one thing that we can say with certainty that we all have a core within us that can help us get ahead. If this were not true, then who can explain the almost supernatural strength that a 100 pound mother showed when rescuing her infant from under a car  by literally lifting it without any help?

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Or the fact that some of us can remember the most intricate details of the past  or that we can calculate big numbers without any external aid? There are so many abilities that we have within us but are not even aware of. In some cases, we have not given much credence to such abilities and in some cases, we have taken these abilities for granted.

While each human being is endowed with certain qualities, there are some that are really obvious and some that are not. For example, there have been many physicists who have had remarkable musical talent, but have chosen to go with their abilities as scientists instead of concentrating on their musical talent. The same way, many of us have abilities that are hidden or those that we do not consider of any value. That is why, we tend to follow the much trodden path when it comes to seeking our occupations instead of harnessing our inner talents to make an unusual career, which can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction.

Keeping this in mind, we give here some ways in which you can harness your inner self to get ahead in life.

To do that and to do it well, you will have to take the following steps:

Give a thought to the skills and talents that you may have: Many a times, we dismiss many of the abilities that we have as trivial as they are not really “big or notable” talents. One of the things that you should do is list out all your abilities and skills no matter how trivial, silly or small they may seem. Let us give you an example – if your talent lies in the ability to apply makeup well, then this should be included. Or if you enjoy making a particular snack and do it well, include that in the list.

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List it out in terms of which are the ones that make you the happiest: While we can all agree that each human being comes with a bundle of skills and talents, there are some that we like indulging in more, than others. There are some among us who see the merit of having to interact with nature to get many benefits; others revel in their urbane qualities. That is why, it is important to sort among all the benefits and abilities that we have to pinpoint the one that we like doing the most or the one that makes you happiest.

Opt for courses that will help you channelize your skill: Just because you have a particular skill or talent and enjoy doing it does not mean that you are ready to take this up as an occupation. All it means is that you need to focus on honing this skill to make it commercially and professionally viable. The earlier exercise was to find what you are good and what makes you feel good about doing. This will ensure that you will use your limited resources like your money and time in the right way to hone that ability. Like for instance, gardening is one of your skills and on that makes you happiest, then you can join a course in landscaping.

Start small but in a sure way: Most of us are afraid to tread away from the straight and narrow and do something different. This is because most of us are afraid of failure and this is not really a bad thing, that is why even after all the contemplation and preparation, you should start in a small way to test the waters. This way you need not feel as if you are taking a huge risk or doing something that is going to fail. It is no matter of shame that you want to start small and take it from there.

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Come to the realization that if you love your work, it is not work at all; once you read this, you know that this is true. If you truly love what you do and are willing to work at it, then success is not far off.

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