Why Drink Or Become Addicted When Life Can Be Intoxicating Enough?

They say it is better to say no to drinks or drugs. They say being addicted to something is bad and that saying no is easy. If this were true, then we would not be seeing so many problems related to substance addiction. We see people giving in to the urge to drink or take drugs or take other things so that they can forget the misery of life. Yes, life can be tough, life can be cruel, life can be unforgiving and this could be among the many reasons that people turn to things like alcohol or drugs as a way out.

While we say that alcohol or drugs intoxicate you and take you away from the misery of life, have you ever stopped to wonder, that even life could be intoxicating. It is true, but the worst part of it, is we never stop to consider this or think this way. However, just think about this, life can be beautiful and meaningful and that to in spite of all the miseries only if we learned to look at it this way.

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Here Are Some Pointers For You To Start Thinking Of Life As Being Intoxicating Enough Instead Of Being Drawn To Other Things:

First of there is nature: The first step that we would advise you to take in your endeavour to see life as invigorating and intoxicating is to start looking at the vast and immense beauty of nature. There is something soothing and magnetic about the vista that nature presents to us. The best part is in spite of its cruelty at times, the ever-changing character of nature and the variety of nature it offers stability and constancy.  That is why you should interact with nature to get many benefits.

Secondly there is yourself: While we are on the subject of nature, then we have to talk about yourself too. Have you ever considered that you too are a miracle? The fact is each human being by himself or herself is a miracle. Why are they a miracle? First of all because of the beauty of the way they were created. What is more, it is interesting how many unique parts go into the composition of a single person, not to mention the beauty of a human brain and how it works. The best part of all this intelligence is that it is also tempered by emotions that takes it to another level.

Then there is family: Many a times, people who have some addiction problem or other, they tend to blame their family for all this. However, family is a miracle that each of us have to be happy about. After all, they are the reason that we exist. While we know that not all families are good for you, there is no denying that they are a part of your life. Whenever you feel the draw of some substance towards you forcing you to get addicted, do give a thought to your family and what you and your family mean to each other.

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There are friends too: While we all agree that families can be tricky in many instances, friends are something that is down to our choice. That is why, friends are considered the family that you choose and what can be greater than this? Please be careful in your selection of friends and once you have, do ensure that you value them. When you find the pull of negative things drawing you in, harness in the power of friendship to avoid such situations. You will find that they can make a big difference to your life and can even save you from bad situations. We can all agree that friends are a big ingredient that goes into the elements that make your life invigorating and intoxicating.

Last of all others have it worse: It is the nature of human beings to look up at those who are luckier than we are and feel bad. One of the things that we should do is look at others who have it worse than you have and acknowledge that things are indeed not so bad. The more you do this, the better you will find life is for you. You will soon start seeing more of the positive and this can definitely get you addicted to life and living instead of negative influences.

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Help others to help yourself: While this may sound evangelical, there is a lot to be said for doing good to others. The fact is that this can be one of the biggest factors in making you addicted to life. We suggest you start this with small gestures like bringing a smile to a stranger, a kind word to a sad soul or a helping hand to someone lost. Soon you will find that indeed life is intoxicating and addictive, and you need not be addicted anything else at all!

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