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As we grow, up from childhood to young adulthood and there on to full-blown adulthood things change. Along with our age, the major change that we can see is in the level of responsibilities we have. When you consider the responsibilities alone, this can be tough to deal with, but when you take in the stress that accompanies these responsibilities, that is what makes life so much more difficult. The fact is along with the need to balance various responsibilities; you are also faced with the need to juggle many tasks within limited time.

The result of all this juggling of personal and work responsibilities naturally results in one area overlapping on to another. When this happens, you will often find that your work life is encroached by personal problems. And your personal life encroaches your professional life. The result is that you are not quite able to give your hundred percent to your work responsibilities, which can result your progress within the work realm. Letting your professional life to encroach your personal life would result in poor relationships and lack of relaxation.

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Reading all these things if you are a young adult on the verge of a professional life, will make you dread the coming of age. If you are in the throes of what we are describing, then we can be sure you are wondering what the solution is for this. Some may even go so far as to say that there is no solution to such a situation. While an absolute solution may not be possible, there is a way we can make things better for you. To that end, we present to you the divided approach. The principle behind this is that when faced with two or more situations that make a demand on your time, is to divide your attention and focus accordingly.

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Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But those who are in a situation where the personal life wrestles with professional life on a daily basis, will tell you that this is easier said than done.

Here we give some steps that will help you practice this difficult but useful endeavour:

Mentally box the personal and official separately: Remember how in childhood you would divide your day up between school, homework and play? You would try your best to complete the schoolwork in the time allotted for it or even finish beforehand before moving on to play time. That is what you need to do, when you leave work, try and box things in one place mentally and lock it in a symbolic way. Use the time you commute or travel to and from work to do this. Make it a point to lock things related to your personal life when you are on the way to work and lock things related to work on your journey back home. While this may take some doing, you will soon realize that this does give you a better grip on personal and professional aspects of your life.

Be childish, write things down and lock them away: This may sound ridiculous and childish but it works. When you approach your home, take the time to pause right next to your letterbox and write down the issues you faced at work during the day. List out all these things in a paper, point by point and fold this paper. Then put this piece of paper in the letterbox while mentally telling yourself that you will leave this for a higher authority to deal with. Walk in to your home with a clear mind and when you leave for work the next day, retrieve the piece of paper on the way to work. As you go through the list of problems that you have listed out will seem much smaller than the seemed the evening before. This approach has been used by many top executives who have managed to hold a responsible post and manage their personal lives really well.

We have just listed out two techniques here for making the clear divide between a personal and professional life. But we are sure that while you may find these ideas a little offbeat and childish in their approach, you will soon realize how effective they are once you put them into practice. You have to remember that there is a need for balance in life as life is for living to the fullest so you need to stop existing.

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While these techniques appear to be simplistic and rather childlike in their approach, they are not easy to adapt. However, once you adapt these techniques and apply them to your life, you will soon see how important it is to draw the line between professional and personal life to get ahead in life. You will soon realize that is important to divide your life to live it to the fullest.

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