What To Do When You Realize That Your Husband Wants To Divorce You?

Have you had a feeling that your husband is wanting to divorce you? This feeling may not sit well with you when you think of the commitment and effort that you have put into the relationship. Even if this is the case and your husband really wants a divorce, reading what we have to say can only help.

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The first thing to do is identify the symptoms that indicate your husband is inclined towards a divorce:

Wanting a divorce is not something that a person decides overnight; it takes some thinking and some mulling over things before one comes to such a conclusion. That is why; you still have time to save your marriage. Before you do anything else, do look for some signs that could be an indication that your husband wants a divorce:

Your husband tends to get irritated with you frequently and keeps his distance

He is neither close to you nor is he inclined to share his feelings with you

He prefers to stay away from you and your home

Your husband does not show interest in you, your home or your children

He is not that demonstrative of his affections anymore

Your husband does not keep his wedding ring on constantly

The thing is, that you may have noticed some of these signs and while this could be an indication of his wanting a divorce, it could also mean nothing. This is because people are different and react to things in a different way altogether. However, in general it is safe to say that indifference and distance are not good signs of a marriage and could be indicative of a divorce. Just there are signs to find if he is interested in you; there are signs that he is indifferent to you.

What people do not comprehend: It is likely that your partner is feeling the way you are feeling yourself. Nobody enjoys strife and unpleasantness in a relationship. However, just because you are fighting a lot does not mean that the mutual love is gone. Mostly people react this way due to fear and once you realize this, things are going to become a bit easier.

Things to stay away from when you realize that your husband is wanting a divorce:

When a woman realizes that her husband is seeking a divorce, the usual reaction is to panic and do things in haste. However, contrarily this is the time that you need to be slow and cautious.

To that end, here are some things that you should avoid doing:

Sending too many texts: One of the things that you want to not do is send too many texts to your husband. The thing is that words in a text can be misconstrued and this is best avoided.

Saying sorry for everything: If you find that you are apologizing too often, this can be seen as desperation by your husband, which is something you don’t want. What is more, saying sorry is no solution for any problem.

Vowing that the situation will change: it not easy for people to change and promising to do this and not coming through on this promise can only make things worse. It is best to keep away from making false promises though your first instinct may be to do just that.

Things to do when your husband is inclined towards a divorce: While what we are saying may sound strange, the first thing to do when you realize that your husband wants a divorce, is agree to a separation.

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Read more to know why this could work and be pretty effective:

What to Do When Your Husband Wants a Divorce:

 So what exactly should you do when your husband wants a divorce? You should agree to separate. This counter-intuitive approach initially will sound utterly insane, but read on to learn why it is effective.

The thing is that when you agree to separate you are agreeing to give some space. After all, the many things that you tried to do to rectify the relationship did not anyway work, so why not try to go to the other extreme and let things go for a bit. Relationships do need space and that is what you are providing by agreeing to a separation. Taking a step back can always make things clearer in a way that pursuing things can never do.

Comprehending that the relationship in over yet

Don’t lose your cool; this could help in this matter

Iron out the wrinkles in the relationship

Rekindle the flame of desire and love

Find out how others can bring you closer

Ease back into the relationship to make things better

Have fun to make the relationship more solid without referring to the past.

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In case you are feeling low and taking to using food or starvation as a means of combating with these feelings or facing other problems. You need to stop doing these things and taking care of yourself. The fact is if you are not feeling up to the mark, then there is no way you can heal the relationship. Start by taking good care of yourself first. You will do well to remember that your marriage is not only important to you, but your husband as well.

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