A Perfect Formula For Happiness- Thinking Grownup And Laughing Like A Child

One of the things that we all strive for is having a life that is full of happiness. Of course, it goes without saying that happiness for each of us has a different definition.  However, no matter what, most people define their goals as saying that they would be happy only if they acquire or achieve something that they have always longed for. What if we told you that your happiness is something that is within your reach and all you need to do is make a few simple changes in your outlook to make this happen? We are sure most of you will be disbelieving of this and we don’t blame you for thinking that way.

The fact is that the changes we are talking about are simple but that does not mean that it is easy to do. Before we reveal all, let us tell you a simple fact. The concept of joy or happiness is very simple when you are a child. When a child is hungry and is offered a simple treat, the joy in their face is disproportionate to the value of the treat. This is because a child does not think all that much about the value of what they get but they go by their need for fulfilment of their need and the want of having something that is a favourite. That is why, even a piece of candy when they feel like it, can bring on a lot of joy on to them.

happy child

This one of the traits that one needs to adapt in their life; this childlike joy and happiness is something that will make your life better. That does not mean that you have to become all childlike and lose all sense of responsibility. What it means is that you need to adapt only those elements of childhood that are good for you while still maintaining a childlike approach to enjoying the simple joys of life.

We are sure after reading all this you may feel a bit befuddled about where we are going with this. But do not worry, we will take you through all the steps that you need to go through to arrive at this stage.

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Here Is What We Propose, But You Are Free To Tweak The Steps Given Here As Per Your Needs And Requirements.

Step1: Make a list of your responsibilities as an adult: This does not sound like something that will bring you a lot of joy but please bear with us while we explain what this step is all about. First of all, we tend to overload ourselves with too many responsibilities and challenges when we reach a grownup stage of life. By going through this step, you will be able to be very clear on what are the responsibilities that you absolutely need to undertake as an adult. This will ensure that you are not stretching yourself too far with factors that are not required.

Step 2: Take the time to enjoy small things: Once you have sorted out the absolute essentials of life, you will find that the list is not as daunting as you thought of it first, which means you can move on to the next level. This is the step where you start finding joy in the smallest aspects of life. You can start with the small but definite sensual delights that we are surrounded with like the joy of the first cup of coffee or tea of the day. Or the smell of a freshly delivered newspaper or the sounds of breakfast being made or the anticipation of stepping outdoors for a walk. These are definitely grownup pleasures that are sprinkled through our day that we tend to ignore because we just do not take the time to think about or enjoy them. Be more conscious of these joys so that you can start enjoying them.

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Step 3: Be childlike and enthusiastic in your approach to these pleasures: Only when you start paying attention to the small things of life will you be able to bring a childlike enjoyment to these things. This can be done by being less reserved in the way you smile, the way you laugh from within rather than perfunctorily or the way you jump with anticipation for a treat. It does not even matter that you do not feel that much joy or happiness from within, all you need to do is pretend. We know as adults we are conditioned to be more refrained and reserved in our approach to most things, which is why we tend to be more reticent in our approach. Believe us when we say doing these things even as pretence will make you feel better and soon they will become natural.

Remember, life is for the living to the fullest, so stop existing and this could be one of the first steps towards that.

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