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Who does not want real and true love in their life? Almost everyone we know is looking for “real and true” love, especially those who are looking for a life partner. Did you ever wish that there were a real and true love test calculator that would help you determine the level and type of love you are feeling? The fact is that most of us are confused between love, lust, attraction, affection, friendship and compassion. All these are honest emotions that we all feel at one point or another.

Sometimes you wish there was something that is online where you could simply type in your name and your potential love partner and find out if the feelings you are going through are real and true. Believe us, when we say that when you enter the words “real and true calculator” into Google, then a huge list of results turn up. Does this mean that these are the best ways to calculate if your love is true and real or not? Actually, let us ask you that question; do your really think that you can trust something like that? When you actually and logically think about this, you will realize that doing this is not the best way to decide the state of your love life.

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This is not to say that the logic behind the calculation of these real and true calculators is flawed; they are not. They are based on some logic or the other, no doubt, but do you really think that something like this can be decided based on some kind of logic. The fact is human nature is not just about logic and that too just about one type of logic. There is no doubt many logical ways in which humans think based on their belief system but beyond that, human beings are also influenced by emotions. It is indeed difficult or in fact, it would not be wrong to say that emotions cannot be based on a logical calculation alone.

Each person is unique in their way of thinking, which means the needs and wants of each person is also different. That is why basing their compatibility on one kind of logic or other is not going to give you results that are correct. This does not mean that somebody will strike gold and find their true and real compatibility based on some kind of name match that came out of the results of a love calculator online. But that is only serendipity that a couple who are really meant to be with each other happened to be defined by some machine logic as being right for each other.

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You want a real and true love test calculator? we can give you some pointers on what factors and logic would tell you if it is real and true love and then you can use this along with your intuition to calculate the state of things:

How does he or she makes you feel? Many people will tell you to focus on what you feel for your lover, but instead one of the best ways to calculate real and true love is to examine how he or she makes you feel. This is very important that you feel worthy and good about yourself when you are with him or her. If you even for a moment that my relationship is falling apart, and you need to change to make things work, then you should know that the matter is not for long-term.

Do you respect each other? While love has a huge role in your life, respect is something that is essential when calculating the longevity and potential of true relationship. That is why, keep tabs on whether you respect each other. It is very important for a love relationship is going to work out for the couple to respect each other. Mutual respect will ensure that the couple gives space to each other and respects the other individuality.

Do you want each other? While people say attraction or lust is secondary, it is good for a couple to have good chemistry between them. This will ensure that they are attached to each other and provide them with a way to make things up when there are fights between them. While this is not the only factor, this is definitely one of the important considerations that one should have while considering a life partner.

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Do your silences resonate with comfort? People when considering whether a love is true or real tend to focus on the way they interact and talk to each other. But we would advise you to also consider the silences between the two of you. it is important for a couple to comfortable in their silences as well as their conversations.

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