The Story Of Libra Man And Scorpio Woman: Must Read

What happens when logic meets magic and passion? The thing is the Libra man is known to be logical and organized when it comes to his thought processes and while the Scorpio woman is very intelligent she is also known to be emotional and sensitive. This means that the relationship between the two will be fun for those who are watching the story unfurls.

To tell you more about how things will work out between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman, let us tell you a little story. Jared, a Libran man was a lawyer by profession ( which, by the way makes a lot of sense given that Librans love to argue and want to see both sides of any situation) and Alma, a Scorpio woman was a detective (again, a profession that makes sense given the Scorpio intuition, need to delve deeper and persistence). Their paths crossed when Jared hired Alma to help him with a case. Well, what can we say? The friends of the couple had a great time watching the two court and finally end up together.

The Story Of Libra Man And Scorpio Woman


First of all, you must know that Libran men have a great appreciation for beauty especially in the female form and Scorpio women are known for their mysterious beauty. Therefore, the first thing that happens when beauty lover meets beauty is that things click as far as attraction is concerned. What is more, Jared really appreciated a woman who could stand by her point of view and Alma definitely could. Does this mean that their love story was easy and straightforward? Not at all, it was interesting to say the least.

There was no doubt to people who saw them together, that they were absolutely into each other. She was beautiful and smart and he was dashing. However, she found it irksome that he would always insist on seeing both sides of anything. He was stunned by her ability to argue with him and there was no way he could make her see both sides of any given issue; she believed that there was a black and a white and would not see the shades of grey. He would often be stunned at how well informed, smart she was, and he really enjoyed that aspect of her. However, the one thing that he found difficult to deal with was her intensity.

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He, the typical Libran man, was after all the type to be casual and charming, while she seemed to take on everything with absolute passion and intensity. On her side, Alma the typical Scorpio woman that she was, found it difficult to deal with his inability to be firm in taking decisions. She found that though he was intelligent and knowledgeable (qualities that a Scorpio woman must have in her mate), he was also inconsistent. He would appear to see her point of view one day and the next time in typical Libran fashion move on to the opposite point of view.

What is more, she found his open appreciation of the female form in typical Libran fashion, very irksome and it made her insecure. And an insecure Scorpio woman can become sharp tongued and hard to deal with her. He just could not understand what the fuss was all about; after all there was no harm in admiring beauty in all its forms. Jared believed that his love for Alma was something separate from the admiration he had for pretty women.

In spite of all these ups and downs, Jared was sure about one thing; Alma made his life interesting and he could not imagine life without her. That is why; he was even considering giving up one of things that he considered his most important possession – his freedom!

One would think that this would be enough for a woman, but not for Alma the Scorpio woman. We all know that the Scorpio woman wants to possess the man she loves and she found Jared very casual in his approach to their relationship. She would feel insecure every time he would talk to an attractive woman and enjoy flirting with her. When she tried explaining the problem to Jared, he just could not see her point of view. The inevitable happened and they broke up!

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However, once this happened, Jared realized that he did love Alma and his life would be incomplete without her. He started thinking about all the things she had said about commitment and passion and in typical Libran fashion, he started to see things her way. He knew he had been looking for the ideal partner and had just let her go because of his frivolous ways. Soon, he was able to convince Alma that he loved her and soon they were back together.

While we know that the nature of relationship between this intense water sign (Alma, the Scorpio woman) and the light airy sign (Jared, the Libran Man) was not ideal, they say that there is an affinity between Zodiac signs that were next to each other. That is what made sure that they managed to work out their relationship in spite of the odds.

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