Simple Formula For Well Being – Look Good To Feel Good

Are you one of those people who has always felt that when it comes to happiness, there are some people who are blessed? We are sure most of us have looked around at all the lovely and happy people around and felt this way at some point or the other. In many cases, people are also known to say that if you are blessed with good looks, then you are likely to find life easier than others who do not. Actually, when people feel that way, they are not completely wrong; it is a fact that when you look good and know that you look good, you exude a kind of confidence and well-being that attracts a lot of attraction. This is apart from the attention you get in any case for being good looking in the first place.

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Then does it mean that one has to depend on good looks to feel good and be treated well? While it is a given that good looks lead to increased attention and plenty of confidence resulting in the opposite of a vicious cycle, it does not mean that it is the only way forward. It means while nature and genetics have a huge role in ensuring your good looks, there is also something that you can do to look good and thereby start feeling good.

We are not talking about developing the kind of good looks that movie stars and models have but definitely about the kind of good looks that ensures that you feel good about yourself.

Here Are Some Things That You Can Do In This Regard:

Start doing something for your health: Most people start focusing on their health in terms of how ill or sick they feel, which while necessary is not the right approach. The right approach is to take positive steps towards maintaining your good health. This is the start to having a healthy and well-proportioned body, nice hair and eyes, glowing skin and good teeth. All these things will add up to good looks and this will lead to you feeling good about yourself. This is a cycle that feeds on one feeling to enhance the other.

Do something every day that gives you joy: One of the ways to look good and feel good is by doing something that gives you pleasure. Having an activity like this that you can spend even as less as 10 minutes daily can add an air of anticipation to you the whole day. Believe us, when we say that doing this will make all the difference and soon people will be asking you the secret of the glow you have on.

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Try and be happy at all times: Being happy or sad is a matter of choice in many instances. We are not talking about times and incidents of hugely bad impact but of the daily mishaps and occurrences that happen to you. This aspect of life will pan out the way we react to it and you can choose to take things in a positive way and move on. The next time you start to feel the claws of despair sinks into you, tell yourself that you need to let the bad things go so that you can start to look good and feel good. This mantra will set you on the right path.

Develop and enjoy a good sense of humor: It has been said that laughter is good medicine and it is definitely true. A person who can laugh and make others laugh will always have an aura of happiness around them. Laughter will add a glow to their face and this is one of the ways to your looks and for feeling good too. Plus having a good sense of humor will ensure that you will always be surrounded by warmth and laughter due to this very quality.

Be nice to others for no reason at all: Believe us when we say that there is a joy in giving especially when the giving is of happiness and kindness. That is why you need to start the circle of kindness so that it will encircle the world. While this sounds idealistic and unrealistic, somebody has to make a start and you could be the one.

Walk tall and confident: Sometimes pretending to be happy, pretending to feel good about yourself and pretending to believe that you look good can make these things happen. The first step towards that is to carry yourself as if you are already there. Walk tall with your head held high and your spine straight so that you not only look good but will also improve the health of your spine.

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Take the time to savor all aspects of life: Life is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed and you need to realize this and enjoy all aspects of life. When you take the time to enjoy all aspects of life, you will find that there is a lot to enjoy and this can only mean good things for you.

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