Want To Be The Best Boyfriend Ever? Here Are 20 Tips To Follow

Falling in love and being with someone is one thing and being able to sustain that relationship is entirely another thing. It becomes essential to do that once you have found the girl of your dreams. Here are some tips that will ensure that your girl remains as much in love with you as you are with her:

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Get to know your girl well: The key to being close to someone and remaining that way is by knowing as much as you can about them. To do this you have to do two things; ask the right questions and listen well. This means you need to ask her insightful questions that will make her open up and when she speaks, you need to listen to what she says and grasp what she doesn’t. This way you will know the right things to say and the right gifts to give her.

Be nice and show that you care: Sometimes your love will be more obvious in the smaller things you do for her than the bigger ones. This will show her that you really know her well and also that you have thought out the things you do for her or the gifts that you buy for her. However, while you are doing these thoughtful acts, be careful not to come across as too needy and clingy.

Spontaneity and surprises work well: It is good to keep the spontaneity and surprise element going in your relationship to make things thrilling. You will need to spend some time, money and efforts in coming up with a surprise that will blow her mind off.

Keep her on her toes and don’t be a doormat: While girls love men who care about them and do nice things, they do not appreciate a person who bends over backwards to please them. That is why, when you feel she is being too unreasonable, challenger and prove that while you love her, you are not prepared to be a doormat.

Share the chores: One of the ways to make your place in her heart permanent is by helping her do those mundane and boring chores that are absolutely necessary. She will be eternally grateful to you doing that.

Become her hero: You can consult a love compatibility chart and find more about this concept to become her hero for every level of her life. Simply being there when she needs you can also help in this aspect.

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Try to be patient and understanding: If the girl you are with wants to take things slow, then it is best that you be patient with her and that too without losing your patience. You will find that doing this really pay off.

Stay in control: Girls look up to men who are in charge of their own life and you can do that by ensuring that you stay in control of things to do with you personally and your life.

Romance always works: The thing about romance is that it strikes a chord deep within and creates memories that cannot be wiped out and that is why this is one of the things that you cannot overlook.

Be close to her close circle: Everyone likes someone who will like you so much that he will even be nice to your family, relatives and friends. That is what you have to do to prove to her that you really care.

Be passionate: While restraint and not forcing her for physical intimacy is one thing, a girl also appreciates it when you show her that you are passionate about her. It is a fine line to be sure but you should do it.

Take care of your grooming: Girls believe that only when a guy cares about what she thinks of him will be well groomed. Do we need to say anything else?

Be ambitious about your career: Girls are attracted to men who are powerful, confident and always striving to make things better for themselves. That is why while focusing on her is all well and good, it is also good to ensure that you work on bettering your position in life.

Improve your intellect: A man’s intelligence can be a big turn on to the discerning girl and that is why you need to work on this aspect.

Be your own person: Having a personality that is different and being confident about it are things that will rack up points for you in the eyes of your girl.

Space it is: A girl needs some time and space to be by herself and when you let her have that she will appreciate you even more when you are with her next. This also shows that you are secure and confident in herself to let this happen.

Physical fitness: Intellect, understanding, position, power etc. aside you also need to make sure that she also finds your body attractive.

Self-investment: While you are always taking care of her and giving her presents, don’t forget yourself. Do invest in yourself as this will pay off richly in dividends.

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Be nice to others: Being nice to others has become an underrated virtue but will definitely pay off when it comes to proving that you are the boyfriend she wants to be with.

Plan on doing things with her: The thing is you love her and love being with her and what better way to show this than planning on activities to do with her? So just do that and enjoy the togetherness.

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