30 Cute Quotes About Childhood Memories To Revive The Spirit

Most of us, who have been fortunate enough to have a nice childhood, tend to look back on those days with a feeling of warmth and longing. While as an adult, having a sense of humor can be your biggest asset, having good childhood memories will also help in putting that smile on your face. It is often those cute and embarrassing memories that you recount with your parents, friends and siblings that will have you going back in the past to revisit happy memories. If one were asked to put a price on the memories of childhood, one would be hard pressed to do so.

Read these childhood quotes and you will soon find that not only are you smiling and feeling good, but it also reminds you that you too were once a child, making it easy to deal with your own kids:

Cute Quotes About Childhood Memories

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Childhood is like summer; fun, full of light and frolic and over way too soon.

To be a child is a blessing because each new experience gives you the sense of wonderment that can never be duplicated.

To be blessed all the time, you should have money like an adult and mind full of curiosity like a child.

A child does not realize how good she or he has it unless she or he grows up, which is the irony of life.

If only childhood lasted forever or that your second childhood visits, you when you still have the energy of a child, instead of when you are old and tired.

Childhood can be spent on wondering when it will be over only to start thinking why it is over once it is over.

A child’s point of view may not be all that wise but you can be sure that it will be original and clear.

Through rose tinted glasses and a mind full of curiosity, childhood has the capacity make the simple into something wonderful.

The logic of childhood is so full of magic, no wonder children believe in fairytales, goblins and all sorts of magic.

Even the fights of childhood have the essence of sweetness and innocence running through them.

The saddest part of childhood is not knowing that it is going to be pretty short and that you should enjoy it while it lasts.

A heart that is happy and gay, a mind that has a different way and childhood is all about here, now and today!

When all the exercise you need is the games you play, all you need to think about is today, that golden period of your life is called childhood.

A child knows how to trust, its mind never goes to rust and in everything, it finds amusement a must.

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There is nothing more immediate than the need of a child that needs something and this often makes the whole world of the child shrink down to that one need.

The lessons we learn in our childhood are indelible and that is why we have to make these lessons memorable and credible.

A child is like a sponge that absorbs everything around and this makes it important to provide the child with an atmosphere that is clean and good.

Every child knows the art of tugging at heartstrings; a lesson they may forget when faced with adulthood and other things.

What seems like a chore to a child is often something that will help them more in  adulthood.

When you show a child what is wrong and what is right, this is something that he or she will always keep in sight.

As long as you keep the child within you alive, you will find that there is more to life than just stay alive.

The worst part of childhood is everyone remembers your misdeeds while you absolutely don’t.

The picture of childhood will often leaving full of wonderment with the thought about what your parents were thinking when they dressed you up.

The best part of childhood pictures is that you look as if you are drunk but were never hung over.

Each childhood memory that you can bring back, will not only tell you a story, it is also likely to add a smile to your face.

Lucky are those who enjoyed childhood when they were children as it is more likely that you get to enjoy your childhood only as a grownup.

While childhood may seem all about obedience and respect, you will be able to see all the fun and carefree moments only in retrospect.

Parents Carrying Child

What seemed boring and routine, as a child will soon reveal itself as soothing, mild and kind?

It is the belief in possibilities that makes a childhood seem so wondrous and miraculous.

Childhood may seem like fun when you look back, but while growing up it looked too much like good manners, green vegetables and homework.

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