40 Maori Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoos being a very hot fantasy for today’s youngsters and have a lot of stocks in store. The tattooing world never disappoints its fans. Something or the other keeps coming in this area of business. The reinvention of few designs has given the tattooing art a twist. There is a range of tattooists who is specializing in Maori Tattoo Designs for Women these days.

Maori Tattoos for girls (11)

About Maori Tattoos designs

It is very essential to know what this tattoo means. Here are certain meanings and history associated with Maori Tattoo designs.

  • Maori tattoo designs originated from the tribes Maori
  • It was initially worn by men but now by women these days
  • It is abnormal these days for people tattooed in this manner. In the ancient days, people use to get it tattooed on their face.
  • It is usually done in upper arms as well.
  • It is the one created by Maori people.
  • In earlier days these types of tattoos were not inked on people’s skin but chiseled into it.
  • They became extinct due to the reason of some murderous practices in ancient days.
  • The name of the Maori tattoos is Ta Moko
  • The specialty about Maori Tattoos is that they are spiral in shape.
  • The worst part of these types of tattoos is that it is so painful to get chiseled spiral shapes into our body, but a person without this Maori tattoos were considered worthless.

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