Housework – Is It A Boon Or Bane?

The whole world has evolved and there is so much advancement in technology that every task that used to take a lot of time has become quicker and easier to do. The means of communication has seen a lot of advancement and so have the means of travel. Actually, the touch of magic that technology has wrought has left no area of life untouched. However, in spite of these advancements, one thing that still remains a reality is the fact of housework. Maybe the extent and dimensions of housework has changed but it still remains a task that needs to be done.

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What is housework?

Housework can be defined as the collective tasks and chores that are needed to maintain the home. It could include chores like cleaning the house, organizing clothing of people, dusting, cleaning of vessels, the process of managing payments, arranging for food and managing all the household appliances. It does not matter if it is a large household with several members or a single occupant household, there is bound to be some form of household though the scope of work will differ depending on the scope of the household and the number of members in the family.

Why is housework considered such a big chore?

There are several factors for this, some of which are given here:

There is no pay for doing housework; at least when done by the lady of the house or by any other members. Of course, in some homes children are given some form of monetary incentive for doing household chores or in some cases, some kind of help could be hired in lieu of pay. However, in most cases, it is an unpaid chore.

Its’ absence causes complains but its’ occurrence causes no praise: This is again another pain factor that makes household work so unattractive. When you continuously do household work, it is very likely that nobody will even notice that you are doing any work and that is why nobody even praises you for doing it. But the day you stop doing household work, people are likely to notice this and start complaining.

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It is a continuous process: The fact is housework is something that never ends as it is a recurring process. One needs to keep on doing this kind of mind-numbing and  boring work on a daily basis to ensure that the home is clean and there is a system in place for payments and food to be provided.

There may be many other reasons why people find household chores such a difficult thing to do.

Here we are going to see whether household chores are a bane or a boon: After reading the points given above, we are sure that you would be of the belief that household work is definitely a bane and something that is to be avoided. Here we will give some points to prove that household can actually be considered a boon.

Here is why:

There is a comfort to doing this: Even as you undertake doing household chores that are repetitive, you will soon realize that there is some comfort in doing these mindless chores. It is nice to know that you have a hand in keeping things in order and the comfort in knowing that things are in order cannot be denied. Of course, it cannot be denied that having a sense of humour can be your biggest asset in such instances where you find the daily chores boring.

It can be really therapeutic: Have you ever looked closely at those people who do such household work on a daily basis. Yes, there could be some form of resentment in them at having to do this but beneath all this; you will also see a certain amount of satisfaction in them for doing this work. In many cases, such mindless chores can actually be therapeutic. In fact, it is not unknown for mental health specialists to actually recommend the doing of repetitive household tasks as a form of therapy as it can be satisfying.

You can learn to be independent: When you get into the routine of doing your own housework, you will have the joy of being independent. Knowing that you can easily take care of yourself no matter what is a feeling that you will get to realize when you are in that position. But you can be sure that it is a really good feeling to have.

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You will never be bored: Most people are complaining of being bored in spite of having an active life. A very easy and practical solution for this situation is to start doing household chores. It is a good thing to do and very practical from several points of view.

As you can see, depending on the way you look at it, household chores can actually be a good boon. We leave you with one more thought – it has been proven that doing household chores can actually be a good form of exercise that will also help you stay fit.

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