Health Risks and Warnings associated with Tattooing

Tattooing had become the passion of people these days.  People love to tattoo there body parts more often. Tattoo art had emerged out to be the best body art forms throughout the world. A thing having positives will also have some negatives. Though, Tattoo art is really popular and more and more people are going for it, but people with tattoos are more prone to health hazards caused due to tattoos. Dermatologists had found that in some people, these tattoos were the reasons of skin cancer. The poor quality ink used for tattooing the body parts is responsible for skin cancer. There may be allergic infections and other symptoms too. Let us look at some major health risks and warnings associated with tattooing.

Health Risks and Warnings associated with Tattooing

Health Risks and Warnings Associated with Tattooing

Dermatologists have found that there are many health risks and hazards that have been associated with tattooing. These have been discussed below.

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    • Infections like HIV or Hepatitis: The re-use of the previously used needles by the tattoo artist can threat the life of person being tattooed. You should avoid going to the illegal tattoo shops because these shops might reuse the needles.
    • Allergic Reaction due to Tattooing: The temporary or permanent tattoo inks may cause allergic infections, if they are of poor quality. Some of the studies say that the yellow and red inks used while tattooing causes the allergic reactions to large levels whereas the black, green, or purple pigments in the ink causes less allergic reactions.
    • Scarring: The process of tattooing may scar the tissue. As your body may try to remove the foreign substances, small knots are formed around the tattoo. Skin conditions can also go worst due to these tattoos.

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  • Skin Infections: These tattoos are always prone to skin infections. These infections are generally caused due to non-sterilized needles or due to harmful contaminated inks. The infections may appear instantly or it can even take 2-3 weeks for infections to appear.
  • MRI Complications: The swelling or burning of the tattooed areas can occur due to MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). The tattoo designs having large black ink areas may be problematic because the black ink has iron oxide. This iron might be heated by MRI scanner by hysteresis or by inducing electric current.
  • Skin Discoloration: The skin that had been tattooed might be discolored permanently. The discoloration may fade away with time, but it cannot be healed up. Think before you choose to go for tattooing.
  • Blood Donation: If you have been tattooed a month before then you might not be allowed to donate the blood because there is high risk of infectious diseases coming from your body.
  • Blood Thinners: Tattooing process is affected by regimen of blood thinners because of bleeding. Ink might find it difficult to get into the skin because of increased bleeding. Therfore, the healing process is very long.
  • Hematoma: A bruise might appear over the skin, if the blood vessel had been punctured in tattooing. The bruise may appear as a large bruise or number of small bruises may halo around the tattoo.
  • Lymphatic System: The Inflammation might occur, if lymph nodes are accumulated by larger particles. The smaller particles are carried away, but the larger accumulate at one place.
  • Skin Cancer: This is one of the most common diseases that is caused due to tattooing of body part with poor quality ink.

Preventions of Health Hazards caused due to Tattooing

There are number of infections, allergies, and diseases caused due to tattooing. These can be prevented to a large extent. Follow these tips while tattooing the body.

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  • You must go to a recommended tattoo artist store for getting yourself a tattoo. He/she must have adequate equipments to get you a tattoo.
  • You must go with the quality tattoo ink and sterilized needles must be used for tattooing
  • Avoid use of too many colors on skin for tattooing. Go for outlined tattoo designs
  • Apply the anti bacterial ointment on the area tattooed
  • You must keep the tattooed area neat and clean
  • You must avoid the exposure of tattooed area to sun for few weeks
  • You should avoid swimming in pools, rivers, or other water bodies before the tattoos are healed
  • You should choose the clothing carefully because some fabrics might infect the tattoos
  • Give a minimum of two week time for tattoo to be healed

These are some important tips that you should follow before and after you have engraved the tattoo design from the tattoo artist. Following these tips will keep you away from harmful health hazards caused due to tattooing.

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