Want To Prepare Your Children To Face Life? Learn How!

Children are a blessing in your life that ensures that your family goes on. They make you want to strive to be a better person, children ensure that you know what your responsibilities are, they ensure that you care a lot for not only your immediate world but the wider universe. Any couple with children will vouch for the fact that having children has made their thinking a lot more mature and wiser than it would have been if it had only been the two of them. A lot of couples work hard and strive to give the best of everything for their children. They take a lot of measures to ensure that their kids get good nutrition, get a good education, are safe and have all the things like clothing, toys etc. that they need to have a good life.

In spite of striving a lot towards providing a better life for their children, many couples still feel that they have not actually prepared their children for life. They spend a lot of time agonizing over this fact and sadly, in many cases they could be right. While most couples are very conscientious in their rearing of children and work hard to provide the best of everything for them, they tend to go overboard in this matter. What this means is the kids of such couples, start thinking that since both of them work, they need to provide the best of everything in terms of clothing, toys, games, gadgets, food etc. to their kids.

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This in turn means that kids today with such parents feel that it is their right to get the best of everything. All they need to do is ask and they will be granted what they want. This in itself is not such a bad thing, but when you consider what it does to the character of the child is that the child starts taking such things for granted. They start thinking that life is easy and since the kids are brought up in absolute luxury, any small setback or hardship makes them feel helpless. Does this mean that parents should stop providing such high standards of life for their kids? Actually, there are some things that parents can do to create a balance between children having a life of being deprived and a life of absolute luxury.

Here is what you need to do to prepare your children to face life:

Make them earn their privileges: It is very good idea for children to have some rules and restrictions when it comes to the kind of privileges that you grant your children. One way to ensure that they value all the luxuries you provide your kids, is to make them earn it. You could set goals in terms of the way they keep their rooms neat or the way they keep their grades constant or in terms of the way they help with household chores. Having the children help out in even small ways in household work can make them self-reliant and independent. This way when they are granted something that they have been wanting for a long time, they will value it even more. Soon they will also get the lesson that if they want something in life, they will have to work towards earning it.

Teach them about the value of things: The one area that parents tend to slack off is in teaching their children about the value of things. They tend to buy expensive gadgets like smart phones, tablets and computers on the kids’ demands as they feel these are necessary and also important for education. While this is okay, it is also important that you teach the child about how much these things cost. They need to know that the gadgets that you are providing them are expensive and they need to value them and take good care of these things.

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Give them a regular dose of reality: This can be best explained by a simple practice one of my dearest friends has for her children on their birthday. She had noticed that for the past few years, her children had been pestering her for grander celebrations for their birthdays. One birthday, she simply put both her children in her car while promising them an unusual celebration and took them straight to a orphanage. The sights there and the way the kids there reacted to her silly and small gifts was enough to make her kids realize how good they have it in life. They needed this dose of reality to stop behaving like spoilt brats. In fact, today both her kids save money and have a small fund going so that they can buy treats for kids at the orphanage.

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Ensure that they are active and fit: Since the whole world is online today kids are prone to be more housebound and inactive. What is more, luxuries like air conditioning and central heating have made them lazy. It is very important that you encourage your children to play outside games and keep active. You need to show them that there is no shame in a little sweat and in fact, it can be good for them.

Show them the value of education and hard work: Another important lesson that you need to emphasize on, in a big way is the importance of a sound education and the value of hard work. You need to inculcate these things in your kids at a very young age so that they hold this dear to them throughout life and pass on the same values to their children. When you teach good things to your children, they learn about the value of the things that matter in life like learn what friendship is all regarding. You can be sure that you are actually preparing your child for life by doing all these things.

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