Want To Date A Shy Girl? Find Out How To Go About It!

If you are trying to get close to a person who is shy is not an easy experience especially if you are hoping for a romantic relationship. In any relationship, it is very easy to misread the reasons and when a shy girl is involved, things become even more difficult. It is only when you look at things from a shy girl’s perspective do you get the hang of things.

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First step is to understand why people are shy: Some girls are shy because of their past experience or because they have learned to be like this from their parents or upbringing.

Some girls are naturally shy with the opposite sex, more so when they don’t have much experience in this area. Once you get why the girl is shy, you will know how to take things forward so that she starts feeling comfortable with you.

Making her feel comfortable around you: The thing is if you are planning on dating a girl who is shy then you have to make her comfortable with you. Start with knowing more about her, refrain from saying that she is shy and forcing her to talk.

You can start by making her laugh, which is a great way to make her open up. Soon she will be more comfortable around you enough for you to talk about other things. You will need to be patient so that she will reach this stage.

Another thing that you can do is ask her questions to know her better and find out where her interests lie. Only thing that you have to remember is not to overdo things and make a pain of yourself.

Keep away from telling her that she is reserved or shy: One of the ways you will make a girl self-conscious is by pointing out the obvious. They are already aware of this and would hate to be told that they are shy.

Acknowledge and accept her need for time alone: Thing is being shy goes with being an introvert which means that she will need some time to be alone and by herself. Forcing her to socialize all the time or making her feel guilty for not wanting to be social butterfly is only going to push her away.

Finding out what she is thinking about: The trickiest bit about being interested in a girl who is shy is figuring out what she is thinking about. One of the ways you can find out about this is by reading the way she reacts to things you say or do, but remember this will take time to get right. One of the signs that she is interested will be shown in the way she becomes more comfortable with you. But this could tilt the other way around as she still may be too shy to show her feelings. You will need to be extra sensitive in figuring things out.

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How to ask a shy girl out on a date:

Depending on how reserved or shy the girl is, you should be able to take a different approach. In some cases as you get through the reserves of the girl, you need not be surprised if the girl herself expresses interest in going out with you. You need to look for signs of the reserve breaking through which may not be at all like Leo man in love signs to watch out for.

Here are some tips on asking that shy girl out:      

Ensure that others are not around when you are asking her out as this may make her self-conscious.

If she continues to be shy around you, then you could consider writing a note.

Make it seem casual and don’t drag things out.

Ensure that you have caught her at the optimum moment.

Your first date out with your shy girl: Since she is shy, the better option would be to take her where there are lesser people around when you are going out on your first date. Keeping things simple can also help.

Don’t make any fast moves: As you are already aware that she is a shy person, you will need to pace yourself correctly. Do not take things too fast. Start with holding her hands or caressing her cheeks, would be better than to start with kissing.

Some last words of advice for you to think about: Going on dates with a shy girl is like dating any other girl but with a few exceptions in that you have to spend more time in making things comfortable between the two of you.

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Ensure that you show her through your actions that you like her for what she is and try not to make her too self-conscious about being shy and reserved.

Since she is not the type to confront you when things are confusing, be as open and honest with her as possible so that she does not have to confront you, which she may not being shy causing you to drift apart.

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