40 Best Eagle Tattoo Designs

There are various reasons due to which people like to get inked with some of the animal tattoos, and out of all the animals favorite choice of almost all of them is an eagle tattoo. The reason behind its popularity and fame is because it is symbolic and portrays different aspects. While getting an eagle tattoo done it is important that what kind of background you chose for the eagle on your body.

eagle tattoo design

What does eagle Symbolize?

For Americans the symbol of eagle represents their nation, wherein wings say a lot about freedom. It is also considered as one of the most powerful creature who has the power of bringing us near to our ancestors and also takes us towards peace. According to the mythology of Norse, it represents wisdom and same goes with Greek mythology where it is considered as a symbol of strength and power. You might remember that the flags and shields carried by soldiers used to have eagles drawn on them, just because of the fact that it brings luck and power to the person or troop carrying it.

eagle tattoo design (1)

eagle tattoo design (2)

eagle tattoo design (3)

eagle tattoo design (4)

eagle tattoo design (5)

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