Interact With Nature To Get Many Benefits

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life? Have you felt as if you have no control over things that happen around you? Do you feel the need to have that small window of peace that will provide you with the energy to what seems to be an increasingly stressful life? This happens to almost anyone at any stage of life. In fact, as you progress from the innocence of childhood towards the turmoil of teenagers and there on to the realities of adulthood, the level of stress only keeps increasing. The fact is that life is stressful no matter how comfortable or well off you are in life.

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Then what is the solution? When your problems seem too big and overwhelming, you need to start taking a far off and macro point of view. This may sound like asking for too much but once you read what we have to say, you will see the sense in what we are saying.

Let us start with an example – This is the story of two brothers and their families. Jake and Jonas are two brothers in their late thirties, both belonging to a small village. They both grew up on the ranch that their parents had. Jake had always been inclined towards studying finance and business, while Jonas always showed an inclination towards running the ranch. Both of them progressed in their own ways and soon both of them had their own families. Jake settled in the city with his family working as an investment banker and Jonas got about working on the ranch.

Though both the brothers had different lives, they made it a point that their families interact with each other. Each year, during summer holidays Jake would visit the farm with his family and both the families would spend at least two weeks together. However, as time passed and the children grew up, these visits became less frequent.  As time passed, Jake soon started to feel the stress of city life and the job. He would always wonder at the kind of peace and serenity that Jonas would always manage to have in spite of the stresses of the running the ranch.

One day, when the stress of his job and life in the city became too much for Jake, he decided that he would take an impromptu break and head to Jonas’s ranch. After talking it over with his family, he headed towards the ranch. As he approached the ranch, he realized that he had not consulted with Jonas about the visit and that he had landed in the middle of herding season. Jonas would be busy with moving his herds of cattle from far off areas to the nearby pastures. As predicted, Jake spotted Jonas getting ready to make his cattle run.

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On seeing Jake drive in, Jonas simply extended a hand of welcome to Jake and asked him to join the cattle run. After a lot of hesitation, Jake accepted and found the whole process as tough and difficult to do as he had as a child. After a hard day of driving cattle, they set up camp in the open air. That night, Jonas asked Jake if everything was all right. Out came the whole story of how stressful he was finding life in the city, managing job and dealing with all the responsibilities of family and children.

After relating his story, Jake turned to Jonas and asked him whether he too felt stressed out with all the responsibilities he had to undertake. The answer Jonas gave surprised Jake left him stunned. He said yes, he too found life tough and stressful, but this helped. Saying that, he pointed his hands towards the wilderness around. He said that looking at the vastness of nature and all the processes and seasons that nature went through to sustain life, made everything else seem small and significant. As Jake looked around, he realized that he too was feeling what Jonas was talking about. He too started to feel that he, his life and his troubles seemed to shrink when compared to the vast wilderness and the way it sustained life against all odds.

He realized that while the city had a lot to offer, the lure of nature and the peace that it can offer should not be overlooked. He realized that he needed to touch base with nature once in a while to become more grounded and feed off the energy that nature could offer. He decided that if one decided, one could simplify your life in 30 days and learn the necessary steps.

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When Jake left the ranch after a few days, he realized a few things he had learnt:

Interacting with nature can recharge your batteries

It makes you see things in proper perspective

Interaction with nature can be with any form of nature like the sea, the forests, the plains or mountains

It is better to take on nature in a raw form than in the form of going to some fancy resort

Living outside in the rough may not be for everyone, you will need to find the kind of nature that you want to be with.

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