Leo Male And Gemini Female: Lovers Must Read

The fire sign and the air sign of the Lion and the lady with twin personalities, is bound to be interesting and full of many events. The Leo ego is big but it also makes the man generous and big-hearted. The warm personality of the Leo man will make the whole romantic relationship take on a grandiose air. The airy and changeable personality of the Gemini woman will make the whole thing even more interesting. It is a known fact that air can make the fire flare up even more and in some cases, the air can also be so strong that that it literally blows down the fire. In the same way, fire can make the air warmer so that everything is soothing or if the fire becomes too strong then it can make things too hot and uncomfortable.

We are not going to be talking about the characteristics of the Leo male or the Gemini female here but about the elements that are involved in their respective zodiac signs.  The Leo is ruled by the fiery fire element and the Gemini is ruled by the light air element. That means this romance can work in two ways – the winds can put down the flames and warm it up even more. Or on the positive side, the wind can fan the fires gently and can keep the flames going strong while the flames in turn can make the wind blow warmer. What we have said here is symbolic but you can see what we mean when you start thinking in terms of both the zodiac signs.

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Leo Male And Gemini Female

Why are we going on about air and fire? It is because the sun sign of the Leo male comes under the fire signs and the sun sign of the Gemini female comes under the air signs. The elements and characteristics of these elements are going to be part of the relationship dynamics. When you try and weigh the various aspects of this romantic relationship and look for it on the love compatibility chart and find more about this concept, you will realize that there is a lot going on.

First of all, when you consider the sexual compatibility of this couple, then there is no way that one can avoid the fireworks, which can be a good thing. The thing that will drive the Leo man insane is the ever changing and seemingly fickle nature of his ladylove. He will try to impose his majestic stamp on this only to find that imprisoning air is impossible. On the other hand, he will enjoy the twin personality she has and the way her mind seems to work like quicksilver.

On the other hand, the Gemini lady will love the flamboyant and warm love her Leo lover showers on her. Nevertheless, she will find his takeover attitude and royal air a bit hard to take. In many instances, she will be amused by his grand gestures and theatrical declarations.  The one thing her airy and free personality will rebel against is his need to dominate.

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Does this mean that each is going to be frustrated by the other? Well, this will depend on how deep their love is. If their love and affection is deep enough and true enough, then they will find ways to make it work.  The Leo man will have to see beyond the surface frivolity of her nature to see how intelligent and smart she is. He will have to realize that she loves focusing on different things at once. She loves to move from one subject to another because of her curious nature. Just because she is changeable does not mean that she does not know her own mind.

The same way, the Gemini woman will have to see beyond the big and dominating gestures that her Leo man does. She will have to see that all this hides his vulnerability and need to be accepted. His overprotectiveness is rooted in his need to see that his ladylove comes to no harm. His need to take his naps and take rest only comes from the fact that he expends a lot of energy in his grand and big gestures.

The thing is, each relationship goes through a set of ups and downs and it is upon the couple to work things out. The couple will only be able to make the relationship work only if their love for each other is deep enough. Any relationship takes a lot of work and commitment, which may not be something that everyone is willing to invest. This applies to the Leo man and the Gemini woman. The fact is that the chemistry in their relationship is pretty good and this can form a good basis for their relationship.

Both of them are bound to be people who like to be independent and this can be a common point to start. Another factor that works for these two is that both value independence for themselves and now that they are in a relationship, all they need to do is respect the others need for it. She should smile and enjoy his big gestures for what they are and he should smile and relish her restlessness as it is what makes her who she is.

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Love is about having a relationship that makes both of you grow as a couple without having to change. Soon each (the Leo man and the Gemini woman)n will find themselves changing subtly to suit the others’ personality because they want to not because they want to.

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